Blackberry Chèvre Salad Love Potion Recipe

Blackberry chevre salad recipe | Girlfriend is Better
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I eat very little sugar these days and as a result the sweetness of fruits and veggies is off the charts for me now. The beauty of this salad is that it would be sweet to anyone and for me, it’s like eating dessert. Dessert for lunch? Okay! This blackberry chèvre salad has been a recipe staple for some time, and pretty much my lunch every day for the last two weeks. I’m officially addicted. The great thing is that blackberries have very little sugar, so one salad serving* is only around 6 grams of sugar total.  Guilty pleasure, guilt free!

Blackberry Chèvre Salad | Girlfriend is Better
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Blackberry Chèvre Salad Nutrition Facts:

Consider the total nutritional value you are getting with the blackberry chèvre salad as well – all the stuff that helps you stay younger longer.

  • Muscle-building Protein
  • Skin youth from Vitamin C
  • Bone strengthening Vitamin K
  • Bone-healthy Vitamin A
  • Bone regenerating Calcium
  • Anti-aging Antioxidants
Abs are made in the kitchen | Blackberry Chèvre Salad recipe | Girlfriend is Better
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Fun Fact: Did you know arugula was hailed as an aphrodisiac in ancient Rome?

It was used in love potions and really does enhance the sensory system. Those ancient Romans were on to something.  Use this salad when you’re packing a picnic for two and be sure to add it to a romantic home-cooked meal.  It’s so sweet, you can serve it after the main course!  It’s always good to have a little love potion recipe on hand.   Boost the libido and turn up the heat in your relationship with this tasty salad.  You’re welcome!

Mata Hari | Arugula an aphrodesiac? | Blackberry Chèvre Salad recipe | Girlfriend is Better
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Rich in Vitamin C (which is a staple in immune system and skin care), eating arugula raw also gives you large amounts of chlorophyll. Sending a little sunshine into your soul cleans your blood, gives you a little detox, and boosts oxygen. Arugula is also a great substitute for spinach since it has high levels of iron and copper. It’s also 90% water, so it’s great in summer salads and is a tasty way to hydrate and cleanse your body. It has a little bit of a bitter taste, but that bitterness is actually a great way to ward off a sweet tooth. Ironic, I know, since this salad is so sweet and tasty like candy.

Blackberry Chèvre Salad recipe | Girlfriend is Better
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Blackberry Chèvre Salad Recipe:

Before I go any further, here is the recipe. This is enough dressing for 6 servings, and salad for one person.

¾ c. blackberries
3 T red wine vinegar
1 T coconut nectar
¼ c. olive oil
Salt + pepper

2 cups fresh arugula
1 c. chopped, cooked chicken
1 oz. honey goat cheese
¼ c. fresh blackberries
Thinly sliced yellow onion
¼ c. walnuts

Two keys here. One is the homemade dressing.

I pretty much never buy dressing – homemade is too easy and is almost always lower in sugar (and tastes better). If you want to wow your friends with a salad, the homemade dressing is the key. Key two is the Chèvre with Honey. Chèvre is French for goat’s cheese, or a cheese made with goat’s milk. A great cheese for anyone with a lower tolerance for cow’s milk, it’s also lower in fat and higher in Vitamin A and potassium (build proteins/ break down carbs). It’s usually a little on the bland side, but oh no, not the honey-infused variety. It is so sweet and delicious.

Arugula for Blackberry Chèvre Salad recipe | Girlfriend is Better
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I start with a big plate and a generous helping of arugula.

Pretty much the biggest handful I can get. Chop up the arugula so you don’t have to deal with long leaves dripping dressing. I add a big chopped handful of pre-grilled chicken strips (that I always have on hand for salads or quesadillas) with another handful of chopped walnuts. That makes this salad pack a pretty big punch right there. Add a small handful of fresh blackberries, some thinly sliced onion, crumbled goat cheese and you’re good to go. As you can see, I’m very hands-on with my food. It’s all that aphrodisiac love potion stuff I eat.

Music Alert! Speaking of love.. I LOVE Hanne & Lore and this track is full of funk. Perfect for food porn.
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For the dressing, I grab my little Ninja (a blender would also do) and throw in the blackberries, olive oil, and everything else and give it a couple of quick pulses until smooth. Drizzle a couple of generous spoonfuls over the salad and put the remaining dressing in a jar for later use. Dessert is served! You can substitute the coconut nectar in the dressing with the same amount of honey, or add candied nuts to the salad if you’re going crazy.

I buy my coconut nectar online – one bottle lasts me longer than a month and I save almost 25% over what I would pay at Whole Foods. Use your favorite nuts or try a different berry if you like. If you try this blackberry chèvre salad recipe and love it, let me know! Or, any adjustments you make to the recipe would be welcome also..

*1/4 cup berries, 1/8 cup dressing, 1 oz. honey chèvre

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