Wide-Cut Pants: Super-Size Me!

Wide-cut pants | Girlfriend is Better
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Holy cow! Have you seen the pant silhouette for Fall? When they say wide-cut pants, they are talking straight from the 90’s and grunge flashbacks that make you wonder if you are living in an alternate reality. The absolute best versions are package deals, with matching wide tops and minimal lines. Imagine rolling a piece of paper around yourself and then somehow getting arm holes or leg holes. Are you in or out?

Wide-cut pants | Off-White Resort 2017 collection | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Athleisure wear I can support.

No-brainer wide-cut pants fall in the athleisure wear category. Why are you lounging around in skin-tight spandex when you can be free-flowing and loosely draped in the softest fabric possible? WHY?? Pair your wide-cuts with slides and throw a pool party where you chill out inside or under shade away from the the heat. Serve Otter Pops and mini corn dogs why don’t ya’.

Wide-cut pants | Chloé Resort 2017 collection | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Keep it cropped if you mean business.

If you’re all about it, there are a couple of different versions you can choose from that look super sick and will keep you in the now. Go cropped while it’s still summery and warm and stick to monochrome colors and business-casual fabrics. Wear your tops a little more on the boxy side and pair with your favorite athleisure tennies. This look works at work or at home and I love the versatility of that.

Wide-cut pants perfect for the office | Girlfriend is Better
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Wide-cut pants for the free and the brave.

The more comfortable you get with your wide-cut pants, the more we will get excited about what you will do. Keep the pants in a bold monochrome color and then have fun with the top! Keep the pants fabric in something you would wear in a business suit. Then go all girly with the rest. If you show up in wide-cut pants at the office, people might not know what to do with themselves, so be compassionate.

Wide-cut pants make great work wear | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Why wear a skirt when you can wear wide-cut pants?

Instead of a skirt, throw on a pair of wide-cut pants. You can get away with wearing top-siders with this version, hooray! Pull the best parts of 90’s fashion back into your wardrobe. My favorite business attire is all about structured lines and in-your-face shoes.  “‘Cause it says like, I wanna be formal, but I’m here to party too.”

Wide-cut pants instead of a skirt | Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 collection | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine
Music Alert! Time to go swimming in your pants. Yacht party!
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Wide-cut pants instead of a skirt | Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 collection | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Match your tops and bottoms.

The last version of wide-cut pants I’m going to work with is the full-suited outfit. This is almost TOO easy. If you’re doing a full pant suit, go ahead and have a little fun with pattern. Keep the fabric lighter so it flows, but make sure you’re not swimming in the arm region. As long as the sleeves are super fitted, you can go as flow-y and boxy with the rest as your little heart desires.

Wide-cut pants and matching jacket | Tsumori Chisato Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Favorite Finds

If you don’t believe me about the wide leg, ask Asos! They have a great selection with all the right lengths and cuts to get you started. There are a quite a few good styles to choose from, but these were the crème de la crème. I especially love this look going into Fall because it stays warm here until October, so I can get in on it now and not be too hot! Well, maybe a little hott.. and pretty.. and tempting..

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Asos wide-cut pantsAsos wide-cut pantsAsos wide-cut pants

Vote for your favorite wide-cut pants look!

If you’re digging the look, let us know which is your favorite! Leave a quick comment and vote for athleisure, cropped, or business causal. Inquiring minds want to know!

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