Table Settings Bohemian Eclectic Style

Table settings using succulents | Bohemian eclectic decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Allyson Baker Design

Bohemian eclectic style is a combination of patterns and fabrics that exude warmth and abundance. This makes it the perfect decor idea for Thanksgiving table settings! Invest in a few amazing dishes and mix-and-match them with what you’ve already got. Add a few succulents and voila! Instant style that will wow your guests while staying on budget.

Table settings Bohemian eclectic style | Girlfriend is Better
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A Firm Foundation

Creating amazing table settings is an art form. Like all works of art, you need to start with the canvas. If you have a rustic table, expose it! Give it a good cleaning and let that antiqued wood give some rustic charm to your setting. If you have a table you’d like to protect, use more than one tablecloth and layer them. Mexican blankets give a table Bohemian charm easily! Add throw pillows to chairs or even drape blankets over the backs.

Table settings using Mexican blankets | Girlfriend is Better
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Please Use Plants!

Now that you’ve got your canvas prepped, keep doing things the easy way. There is never a need to be a frantic host or to overspend on a dinner party. The focus should always be on EVERYONE having a good time, including yourself! So no stressing allowed. Table settings are going to take center stage for the rest of the month and into January. Pick greenery for your table that will last the test of time. Plants, especially succulents and cacti are perfect choices. Better yet, add mini versions to your table that can double as place holders and take-away gifts!

Using succulents as table decor and place settings | Girlfriend is Better
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Table Settings Should Be Earthy

Find natural elements outside and incorporate them as decor, platters, and more. Keep the emphasis on wood, greenery and candlelight. It’s easy to get creative once you get started. Fill terra cotta pots with veggies that guests can snack on too. Orange peppers, yellow tomatoes or purple grapes give table settings an extra dose of color. Mix your eclectic tableware with farm-to-table charm.

Thanksgiving Bohemian eclectic table settings | Girlfriend is Better
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Music Alert! Throw this on for the perfect ambiance to your Bohemian party. It’s an hour-long track that will have you breaking out your finger cymbals and belly chains in no time.
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Even Better When it Doesn’t Match

Creating a casual atmosphere is even easier when you don’t stress about matching everything. Need extra chairs? Stagger them with your current seating so you get a fun and funky mix-and-match vibe. This goes for dishware too. Pick a general color palate and then use any pattern that falls in that hue. Use your tablecloth coloring or centerpieces as a color guide.

Bohemian eclectic table settings | Girlfriend is Better
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Go For Glass

Next, implement glassware as part of the decor.  Pick one color and then find vases, glasses and appetizer or dessert dishes in that color.  I absolutely love the green or gold glassware you can find fairly easily thrift shopping. Still loving the multi-color idea?  This is another great place to incorporate jewel tones.  Purples, reds, blues and greens look gorgeous sparkling with candlelight.

Glassware in jewel tones | Bohemian eclectic table settings | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Alys Geertsen
For fun mix-and-match dishware, check out Domino’s Dining & Entertaining selections. They have fun patterns and their Black Friday sale starts today! Get 30% off everything site wide November 21 – 27. I absolutely LOVE the East-meets-West motifs in the bone china plates.  Finally, use the holidays as an excuse to have friends and family over. People appreciate a casual environment where they can relax and enjoy your company. Using eclectic table settings gives an atmosphere that promotes conversation. The most important thing is to focus on your guests, so have fun with the decor and don’t stress about it too much.

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