Cozy Christmas Ideas: Making The Most of The Holiday

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The holiday seasons are totally do-able during quarantine. Make a cozy Christmas environment in your home with easy homemade crafts and treats. We collected our favorite ideas together and put them on a schedule so that they are sporadically placed throughout the month of December. Pick one or two ways to warm up the season and give yourself a little gift of joy.

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Cozy Christmas Details

One of the best ways to warm up your holiday home is with lush fabrics. Create a cozy Christmas bedroom environment with throw pillows covered in velvet or fur. We love the handcrafted plushness of Pampa cushions and rotate them from living rooms to bedrooms and back. ‘Tis the season for green so indulge in our articles on green sofas and plant minimalism. If you have a knack for sewing, consider turning your handcrafted macrame or an easy stitching project into pillow covers. Voila!

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Bring on The Baking

If there’s one thing everyone has been either trying their hand at or completely indulging in, baked goods take the cake. Seasonal spices like cinnamon, cloves, and gingerbread are at the heart of cozy Christmas baking. Take a look at our yummy winter smoothie recipes and introduce yourself to a new fruit. Tarts are also pretty during the holidays and are fairly easy to make. Upgrade a simple gingerbread bundt cake with a decorative piece of lace and some confectioner’s sugar.

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Add To Your Ornaments

Staying in also provides plenty of time to try your hand at crafts. Include your kids as you make cozy Christmas crafts that don’t require any level of perfection. We have been trying out easy holiday crafts for some time and the joy is definitely in the doing. Grab some air dry clay and this fun clay mushroom tutorial and give your Christmas tree some personality.

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Heavenly Hygge

Practicing the art of slow living keeps spirits high during the holidays. Hygge is a cozy Christmas fundamental, since bringing nature indoors is part of the practice. Think of unique ways you can incorporate evergreen branches into your decor. (Pine tree seedlings are susceptible to sunburn and dehydration so a wide jar in a shaded location is preferable.) Add a few candlesticks and some friends and you’ve got a recipe for uplift in your back pocket.

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Get Outside

The great outdoors is not off-limits! Bundle up and take a cozy Christmas walk this week. Our favorite hiking gear from Fall will work as essential layers and you really don’t even need to wander too much further than your own neighborhood to take in some fresh air and twinkling lights. We recommend stocking a coffee and warm beverage station in your home and take a toasty treat in tow.

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Wrapped With #Extra

As you’re wrapping up your gifts this year, add a little extra flourish to your repertoire. Consider giving cozy Christmas gifts that recipients can enjoy as they hunker down indoors. Check out our favorite holiday books for all ages and take their love languages into account as well. Personal gifts with handmade bows, pom poms, or tassels make excellent joy bringers.

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Home is Where The Heart is

If you keep the spirit of the holiday as your #1 priority, you will find yourself happier and less frazzled. The best part about creating a cozy Christmas atmosphere is that it includes a peaceful state of mind. Get yourself centered by organizing your Christmas to-do list spread out each day. Remember to layer in a few festive actives and enjoy the sprit of the season.

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