Chunky Sandals Are Summer Dad-Wear Essentials

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Time to stash your sneakers and give your feet a little breathing room. This summer, chunky sandals are the ultimate dad-wear staple. They freshen up any outfit with the added benefit of being functional and comfortable. Check out our favorite styles and be the trend-maker on your block this season.

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Chunky Sandals in Summer Colors

Change it up if you’ve always tended towards the all-white trend post-Memorial Day. Opt for white chunky sandals and canary yellow. Lokeeda has comfy Chanel-inspired sandals that use “magic tape” to adjust to your feet. The result is city slick high-impact fashion that is attention-getting and fun.

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Lovely in Leather

The chunky boot craze was making Dr. Martens fly off the shelves during the colder seasons. It looks like they’ve cornered the market for chunky sandals in spring and summer as well. Their gladiator sandals are bold and iconic with adjustable leather straps. Add a bucket hat to the mix and you will be made in the shade.

chunky sandals | Dr. Martens leather gladiator bucket hat gingham dress | Girlfriend is Better
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Our Personal Favorites

Take our advice and give Arizona Love a look-see when shopping. Their chunky sandals come in a variety of prints and hare hands down the most fun for your feet. We love their handmade styles and fabrics. Choose from bandana styles, lace, or animal prints for personalized footwear that is one-of-a-kind.

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Classic Black

Take the black sock tourist fashion and turn it on its head. Black chunky sandals keep summer colors edgy and cool. Pair them with a graphic tee and mid-length skirts for the ultimate mix-and-match. 90s fashion calls for a classic pair of Ray Bans to complete the look.

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The Power of Platforms

Short girls are getting an extra lift this summer as well. Chunky sandals with a platform sole adds an extra 2-3 inches to your height and makes legs look longer. Pair them with a voluminous dress that is off-the-shoulder for sultry summer vibes. This is the perfect outfit for window shopping or brunch.

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Racy Red

You are missing out if you’ve never owned a red shoe. Try chunky sandals in red and you will be surprised at how much they go with everything. They can take the place of both black and brown sandals and give your outfit a bit of punchiness. Also, they work well with asymmetrical hemlines so go for it!

red chunky sandals | Teva asymmetrical hemline skirt yellow blouse | Girlfriend is Better
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Big is Better

Dad fashion has been surfacing in coat, hat, and pant styles big time. We are loving the dad connection to the chunky sandal trend. It adds a bit of funkiness to otherwise girly compilations. Time to break out of the mold and have fun with fashion again!

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