About us

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about us!  Girlfriend is Better is a collection of articles that focus on home decor, fashion trends, and healthy lifestyles.  We chose our company name as an homage to the song Girlfriend is Better by Talking Heads and we salute David Byrne! Ultimately, we are attempting to reinterpret the lyrics through the work we do on our lifestyle blog.

I got a girlfriend that’s better than that
She goes wherever she likes
There she goes!

We Heart Collaboration

Girlfriend is Better is currently a collaboration of three sisters and a cool brother.  For us, these lyrics carry a vision of an independent woman who does things as she pleases.  She makes the better choice and is admired for her self-assurance.  Good for her!  We promote this ideal wholeheartedly. Men and women alike are respected for their creative passions and the strength it takes to hold true to themselves.  We bounce ideas off each other and we create content based on this ideal. The amazing people we come in contact with on a daily basis are also a welcome source of inspiration. That’s part of what makes this fun!  Here are a few short bios so you can learn a little more about us.

Gina Speed

Gina is a Design Director in Orange County, California with a long list of tech-related experience and capabilities.  She works behind the scenes to implement SEO best practices, maintain marketing strategies, and manages day-to-day business operations.  Also an informal Feng Shui consultant, she uses her years of personal practice to assist clients with their decor. At home, her minimalist side is expressed through mid-century modern decor, which is warmed up with touches of Bohemian eclecticism.  Gina is attracted to healthy living and enjoys a low-carb, low glycemic, and gluten-free diet.  In addition, she enjoys mind and body exercise, such as yoga and pilates.  An ex-socialite, she has a natural penchant for fashion trends and loves vintage clothing.  She has lived abroad in Asia and has traveled through most of Western Europe.  As a result, her current travel preferences now lean towards stay-cations and visits to her son at college.

James Delli Gatti

James currently works as a Registered Emergency Care Nurse in Alaska. His extensive medical experience has served countless people in hospitals and facilities throughout the U.S. A love for anatomy has also fueled his passion for healthy living. He uses focused nutrition and exercise to stay fit. He currently builds and maintains relationships with the majority of our affiliates and enjoys contributing when his busy schedule allows! James and his wife are avid travelers and both enjoy DIY projects when they are at home. They share a blended family, with a six-year old at home and four others who have recently “left the nest”. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, hiking, snow shoeing, and riding motorcycles.

Annie Southam

Annie is an education professional who works with elementary children in Rexburg, Idaho.  She has experience working with special needs children and is the epitome of patience! Formally trained in drafting and architecture, she has a strong understanding of art principles and interior design. DIY projects, ceramic collectibles, and handcrafted items are welcome throughout her charming home.  A former model, Annie uses vitamins and a healthy diet to work her beauty from the inside out!  As a single mom, she raised a beautiful, well-adjusted teenage daughter who is currently working towards becoming a nurse.   Annie balances her life with her current husband and their three young children.  They enjoy running, hiking, fishing and other lake activities together as a family.

Ellie Prince

Ellie co-owns a commercial construction business with her husband in Central Point, Oregon.  She frequently flexes her talents for managing people and communicating effectively. Ellie has four children, ages 4 – 15, and is actively involved in both their education and extra-curricular activities. She enjoys high-impact sports and is working towards earning her black belt in Tai Kwon Do.  You will often find her training at the local studio that she helped establish in her community. An advocate of sustainable farming, Ellie feeds her family locally sourced, organically grown produce and grass-fed beef. In addition, her family lives in a country home complete with a garden, chickens, goats, and a chocolate Lab.  She is a busy girl and a hard worker!

Jason Speed

Jason is a college student working towards a degree in health neurology. He exercises his talents for writing and communication to help supplement his education. His high school years were spent playing on the water polo team, participating in debate club, and gaming in-between. A former student of the culinary arts, Jason understands how foods and flavor work together and is always experimenting with new recipes. He has a natural eye for aesthetics and design and enjoys exploring trends in pop culture.


You may have heard the quote, “a man is not a financial plan”.  Although the three of us are busy, having a side hustle makes good financial sense.  Our affiliates are carefully selected and are the foundation of our business.  We promote companies that we have had experience with personally because they offer products that we love.  Small businesses and start-ups are equally valuable to us as we work to create a unique niche in the market together.  We are always seeking new partners!  Please contact us by email at contact@girlfriendisbetter.com.


Finally, the images we use are carefully curated to provide visual interpretations of the content in our articles.  If we showcase celebrities, we strive to promote inner beauty, fashion sense, or engagement in worthwhile activities.  In addition, we strive to introduce our readers to unique art forms and underground sounds.  Hope you like it!  We respect the artists’ and photographers’ work and provide photo credits with every image.  Find an error in our credits?  Please email us at contact@girlfriendisbetter.com and we will make the correction immediately.