Salmon Recipes Boost Metabolism

salmon recipes | Girlfriend is Better | Sumac Thyme Salmon Burgers
Photo courtesy: Wild Greens & Sardines | Recipe: Sumac and Thyme Salmon Burgers

During winter, incorporating salmon recipes into your diet provides a dual advantage of nourishment and warmth. The versatility of salmon recipes allows for comforting and hearty dishes, making them a perfect choice to enjoy during the colder months. The high […]

Tacos: Quick, Easy, and Simply Delicious

tacos | food placed on a marble table | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Love and Lemons

Any dish that gets its own day of the week must be pretty special, and this one is no exception. Tacos have become a staple dish for good reason. Whether you’re trying to feed a massive crowd, picky kids, or […]