Turquoise jewelry elevates casualwear

turquoise jewelry | Girlfriend is Better | bead necklace graphic tee
Photo courtesy: @rockn_p_designs via Instagram

Turquoise jewelry brings a vibrant pop of color, instantly elevating spring outfits with its refreshing hue. Its unique, earthy vibe complements both casual and formal wear, making it a versatile accessory choice. As a symbol of renewal, turquoise pieces are […]

Southwestern Decor Outlasts Trends in Design

Southwestern decor | Girlfriend is Better | entryway rug wall hanging native portrait
Photo courtesy: Linda Robinson Design

Warm color palettes, natural materials, and textured fabrics create a timeless appeal to any home. The integration of cultural elements and artisanal crafts adds a unique character and depth that make Southwestern decor enduringly popular. Additionally, the versatility of the […]

Blanket Coats: Southwestern Inspired

blanket coats | Girlfriend is Better | Southwestern wool mid-length
Photo courtesy: Boot Barn

Southwestern-inspired blanket coats are emerging as a popular fashion trend, seamlessly blending style with comfort. With their versatile designs and rich textures, blanket coats are becoming a must-have wardrobe staple. These oversized, cozy outerwear pieces not only provide warmth but […]