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Did you know that honey is a versatile ingredient in health and beauty home remedies? Honey combined with another household staple transforms into an elixir guaranteed to satisfy. Ward off a flu bug or do an easy detox without spending all those dollars. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for your consideration.

Honey home remedies | Natural health | Girlfriend is Better
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Weight Loss Home Remedy

Starting with the one that will grab your attention the quickest is the weight loss remedy. Add 1 tsp. honey with 1/2 tsp. cinnamon to 1 c. water or green tea. This combo no only helps you lose weight, it gives you a little boost as well! Because of its high carbohydrate load, honey is the perfect source of unprocessed sugar energy.  Likewise, cinnamon improves insulin function which prevents increased storage of fat. Pour the mix into some spooky shot glasses for fun and go to town!  Shots! Shots!

Honey home remedies | Natural health | Girlfriend is Better
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Sleep Better With Natural Melatonin

I’ve taken Melatonin supplements here and there throughout the years and can attest to its power. Fifteen minutes and I’m out for the count, even if I’m reeling from a little too much caffeine. Amino acids are found in honey that contribute to the production of tryptophan. Tryptophan converts to seratonin and eventually melatonin. The result is that you fall asleep faster and have less fatigue during the day. Add 1-2 teaspoons to chamomile tea (we love Teavana!) or warm milk and you’re set!

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Honey Detox Potion

Adding 1-2 teaspoons of honey to your herbal tea can also serve as a detox. Help a hangover by helping your liver speed up the oxidation of alcohol. Get those toxins out of your body faster and relieve a headache all in one sweet sip! You can add a tablespoon to 2 cups Greek yogurt or Kefir and blend until smooth for the same effect. Yumm.

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Detox herbal tea recipe | Honey home remedies | Girlfriend is Better
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Sore Throat Soother

Combined with lemon, honey is also a wonderful sore throat soother. Add 8 teaspoons of honey to 4 teaspoons of lemon and you’ve got an easy homemade cough syrup. It can also ward off the bacteria that causes sinus infections so give it a try. Incorporate anti-bacterial and antioxidant rich beverages like this into your daily routine when flu season rolls around. You can thank me later!

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Fight Off Allergies

One of my biggest immune system weaknesses is my allergies. Oh, my. If I don’t keep them under control, they almost always turn into a massive head cold. And allergy medication is expensive! Expensive, but WORTH IT. You can’t put a price on preventative medication. Raw honey, straight from the hive is what Mother Nature intended us to use. Make sure you get something local, because pollen natural to your environment will best help your body. This is not a good one to heat in tea, so make yourself a ginger cocktail instead. Juice half a lemon with pink grapefruit juice, some ginger, and honey to taste and you’re good as gold!

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Remember to Spread the Love

Take care of yourself and your loved ones too! Give a little gift of honey this season and a favorite recipe concoction, too. Little gestures always go a long way and we support your generous natures! xox

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