Bathroom Beauties: Vamp Up a Small Space

Vamp up a powder room with bold wallpaper | Girlfriend is Better
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‘Tis the season for Spring cleaning! After you’ve given your house the royal scrub down, reward a space with a mini-facelift. A bathroom or powder room is a prime target for adding major personality, so go for it! Big color and bold patterns are terrific in small spaces. Check out some of our favorite fixes and try one this season. The hot color for this season is greenery, so paint cabinets and mirror frames for an instant update. Add new fixtures in brass or gold and you’ve just brought the room into 2017.

Kelly green bathroom cabinets | Bathroom decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Mirror, Mirror

Not super handy? One of the easiest and quickest ways to update a bathroom is to add a brightly framed mirror. Pick your favorite color and go for it! Some say you’re never fully dressed without a smile.  When you surround yourself with things you love, your spirits are instantly lifted.  Plus, hanging a mirror in your favorite color reflects self-love back to you. It’s like a hug on a wall.

Update a bathroom with a bright colorful mirror | Girlfriend is Better

Wallpaper Sections

Want the print and pattern of a maximalist while staying true to a minimalist nature? Pick a single wall or a few angled sections to wallpaper instead. This gives a nice design to your space and maintains the clean lines. You can go as bold or ornate as you wish in a bathroom without overwhelming the room.

Wallpaper bathroom walls in sections | The Pink House, Edinburgh | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Pink House

Go Glam

Powder rooms are also the perfect place to go all out girly. Glam up any bathroom with brass fixtures and accents. Keep fresh flowers on the counter and splurge on toiletries. Guest bathrooms are an especially perfect place to add some glamour and charm. Guests will feel like they are getting the royal treatment! They say you can judge any establishment by its restrooms. Take this to heart!

Glam up a powder room for guests | Decor by Ashley Whittaker | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Glam Pad

Breathe in Some Life With Plants

One thing I dislike about bathrooms is lack of air flow. Bathrooms especially need air, sunlight, and plant life! Choose plants that like humidity and the type of light your bathroom provides. Be sure to check out Natural Living Ideas for the 16 best plants that thrive in bathrooms. Adding a plant is very good Feng Shui and will reduce the draining effects on the chi of your house. If your bathroom has a window, keep it open and let the light shine in! Nothing could be better at preventing mold and bacteria.

Find the right kind of plant to add to a bathroom | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Leopard and Lavendar

Unresolved Floor Issues

I have a personal obsession with flooring. For me, flooring makes or breaks any room.  If you love an all-white bathroom, nothing looks more fabulous than some color on the floor! Bright tiles or a Moroccan rug bring instant charm to a stark bathroom environment. Tile flooring can be a beautiful canvas for everything else in the room. It’s an easy way to create an impact before you can say “Saturday project”.

Bright blue bathroom tiles perk up a floor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Halcyon House
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Give Your Bathroom Some Character

Why go all matchy-matchy? If fashion can have fun mixing prints, bathrooms certainly can too. You can mix florals with polka dots or give shower tiles a different style than floor tiles. I especially love the quirkiness of a few mismatched herringbone tiles on a bathroom floor. Makes me think of Bob Ross’ “happy accidents”. 🙂

Mismatched herringbone tiles in bathroom | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: SF Girl by Bay

Get Some

Now that we’ve got your idea gears spinning, take a look at our favorite wallpaper picks from Hygge & West. We picked prints that are removable wallpaper tiles, which makes applying and removing a snap! Hygge & West carries the most beautiful selection of wallpaper, so you’re sure to find a print that will work perfectly for your space. The removable tiles are especially great for renters or anyone just wanting to give wallpaper a try.

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Justina Blakeney Nana (blue) Tiles | Hygge + West
Julia Rothman Daydream (cream) Tiles | Hygge + WestLina Rennell Raindrops (Blue/Gray) Tile | Hygge + West


In addition, removable tiles make updating your bathroom or powder room so easy! They can be reused, so if you don’t love them, or get bored of them in a space, you can always try them in a different room. Tiles are 2-feet by 3-feet and are washable, too. My kind of decorating!  The flexibility makes them totally worth the investment.

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