Record Players and Media Cabinets are for Music Lovers

Mid-century modern record players and media cabinets | Girlfriend is Better
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If rows and rows of vinyl gets your heart a-pumping, you might be a music junkie like me. I absolutely love shopping for vintage vinyl in thrift shops and record shops alike. Check out my Portland, Oregon travel article from last year and think about adding record shopping to your list! Something about record players has kept vinyl a treasure and both have outlived trends in media. Create a perfect vignette of your love for music with a turntable and media cabinet! Both can be fairly inexpensive and you can totally get creative with your collection.

Vintage vinyl shopping | Record players and media cabinets | Girlfriend is Better
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Flaunt it if You’ve Got it

I’ve got a slight tendency towards OCD and cannot stand to have any electronics visible in my home. My TV is in an armoire behind doors, and all kitchen gadgets are in cupboards and drawers. Record players are the exception to my hide-the-equipment rule. They must be shown! They are part of the collection and add so much character to a room. Play your records as much as humanly possible and add to your collection whenever you can.

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Vintage Record Players

A lot of die-hard record collectors insist on an elaborate stereo system to optimize sound quality. If you’re just getting started, all-in-one record players are much simpler and still have a charming sound quality. Portable players are great for small apartments, lofts, and studios. You can even put one next to your desk and add some character to your music environment. Place records in crates, for an inexpensive, casual setup.

All-in-one record players | Crosley Dansette Bermuda USB Vinyl | Girlfriend is Better
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Maximum Impact, Minimal Space

Create some interest in a space that needs some character. Record players look great atop mid-century modern nightstands which can double as storage. Add plants or greenery to help offset the electrical element of the area. If you’ve got a small collection of vinyl, display it next to the stand or in a crate if wet floors are an issue. Keep your stash protected and dry, but don’t be afraid to be super casual. That’s part of the charm!

Record players on mid-century modern nightstands | Girlfriend is Better
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Heavy Metal

Keep the area compact and easy on the eyes by using a rustic metal stand. Place record players and vinyl collections as close together as possible. They work off each other to create a cool vibe in any area of the room. Urban Outfitters has a great rustic metal table (pictured below) that provides shelving for your records as well. I love the bronze color of the metal against a white wall of any sort.

Bronze shelves for record players | Girlfriend is Better
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Frame Your Vinyl

Use your vinyl collection as art for your wall! In our gallery wall article, we suggested framing a collection and vinyl certainly counts! Framing album art above record players creates a real statement if music is your #1 love! Carve out a little nook in your kitchen or office and display art in similar colors or photography styles. Be sure to use records you have in duplicate or that you won’t be playing very often. I’d say half of the art hanging in my home is rad vintage vinyl that I have framed.

Record players with vinyls gallery walls | Girlfriend is Better
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Create a Music Library

Use shelves and built-ins to display reading material and music material alike! Place record players on high shelves and add a ladder for visual interest. This is a fun treatment for otherwise neglected entry ways and niches. I’ve always love the libraries with the rolling ladders. Use that idea as inspiration and make your home a place of creativity and learning.

Create a library with books and record players | Girlfriend is Better
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Turntables + Supplies

Whether you’re new to turntables, or you’re a part of the vinyl elite, Urban Outfitters has some great media gear. I buy my record frames from them, which works great, because they keep the frames in stock. They have some fun vintage-inspired record players in a myriad of colors to suit your style. Check out our favorite finds and get your space spiffed up! The furniture we’re showing is available online only, so let your fingers do the walking.

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Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack | Urban Outfitters
Micah Media Console | Urban Outfitters12x12 Album Frame | Urban Outfitters

Two Turntables and a Microphone

Once you start collecting vintage media, it’s hard to stop. The good news is that record players, media consoles, and vinyl can fit within any budget. Start small and add unique or hard-to-find pieces as you go. Get your initial setup and then upgrade pieces as your love develops. Trust me, this little section of your home will end up being the most used and will also work as a conversation starter. Throw a little cocktail party, throw on some tunes, and enjoy the easy vibes any time of the year. Staying home is kind of the new going out, anyway. Make it happen!

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