Top 2 Dallas, Texas Neighborhoods to Visit if You’re Cool

Dallas, TX travel guide | Girlfriend is Better
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As the saying goes, there are two types of Texans: those who were born there and those who couldn’t get there fast enough! Local pride is nothing new to a Southern California girl and I love seeing those state flags flying high. My last trip out to Dallas was a delightful journey through art districts and “happening” neighborhoods. Gone are the old memories of large shopping malls and franchise restaurants. Expansive murals and smoky barbecue have now taken their place.

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Dallas Locals

Since I was on a work trip, I was fortunate enough to be hanging with a fantastic crew who already knew the lay of the land. Dallas is a very clean city with silver skyscrapers and a subtropical climate. The weather is fickle and I’ve been told, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes”. So true! Pack for all occasions: in the 4 days I was there it was high 70’s one day and then in the 60’s and raining the next. You just never know! Once you get in the suburbs, the whole world turns into brick. So much character and charm, I loved it!  In fact, rather than staying in a hotel, I highly recommend using Airbnb.  It’s a fraction of the cost and much more fun to be nestled in a neighborhood close by.  Use this link to save $40 off of your next Airbnb trip!  Many times hosts are also available for tips and directions to local spots.

Dallas, Texas travel guide | Girlfriend is Better
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The Infomart

One of the most striking buildings in the city architecture-wise is the Infomart. Designed after the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, it is one of the largest buildings in Dallas. The first time we drove by, the white exterior created an optical illusion as it reflected on the night glass. We couldn’t tell if it was under construction or what – it made quite an impact!

Dallas, Texas Infomart building | travel guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Oak Cliff

One of the first things you have to do when you get to Texas is find the best barbecue. Artists at heart, we headed down to Bishop Arts District/ Oak Cliff for smoky BBQ that was worth the wait! We entered Lockhart Smokehouse to a long line and smoky atmosphere. The walls were lined with wood logs and crates of white bread. This must be Texas! Everything was amazing, right down to the baked beans and potato salad. I highly recommend.

Lockhart Smokehouse Dallas, Texas barbecue | Travel guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Bishop Arts District

After our hearty meal of brisket, ribs, and sausage, we strolled around town and did a little window shopping. Bishop Arts District is a former warehouse part of Oak Cliff and houses art galleries, coffee shops, and quaint boutiques. The neighborhood is just two blocks and is full of character. Murals on brick walls and tree-lined streets are the perfect companions to a short bout of sight-seeing.

Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff | Dallas, Texas travel guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Pizza, Anyone?

The next evening, I knew for certain that I wanted to check out Deep Ellum. We started off the night at Cane Rosso for the best pizza in Dallas. Cane Rosso serves the most authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas in Texas and this includes dessert pizza! Our group ordered 3 pizzas off the menu and each one was better than the last. The crust is thin and flavorful and the hot soppressata and san marzanos sauce is the right balance of sweet and spicy. Delicious!

Cane Rosso Pizza in Deep Ellum | Dallas, Texas travel guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Deep Ellum

If I was going to live in Dallas, I would most likely call Deep Ellum my home. It’s similar in character to downtown San Diego and is where most of the night life seems to reside. Live music travels down from roof top bars and massive murals are everywhere you look. Deep Ellum is the perfect place to let your hair down and meet new people. If you’re a foodie or love exploring new towns, this one should definitely be on your hit list.

Deep Ellum Texas | Dallas travel guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Music Alert! I normally post electronic hits, but this trip was all about listening to Willie Nelson. So here ya’ go.
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Deep Ellum mural | Dallas, Texas travel guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Best Tacos in Town

Our last night in town, we took it easy and went out for tacos. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is located throughout Dallas and boasts a full bar and addictive food. We lucked out and had a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop close to our hotel, which was perfect for chilling and finishing off a productive work week. The queso was beyond yummy and their burrito bowls were not a disappointment. I hear their margaritas are tart and tasy as well, with the option of an additional shot of tequila for only $1 😉

Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Dallas, Texas | Girlfriend is Better
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Y’all Come Back Now

There are other neighborhoods and places I’d like to visit, but I think this trip really hit the heart of it. Dallas is full of down-home people who are happily living their lives to the fullest. Give it a try!  It’s fun to get outside of the city into the suburbs and into the local culture. Let me know what you do and leave any other suggestions for when I go back!

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