Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

Orange shades for Fall | Wool coat, bag, sunglasses | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: IFCHIC

Designers are taking Fall colors quite literally and shops are changing their fashion leaves. We are loving shades of orange in sweaters, sunglasses, bags, and more! Take a look at some of our favorite finds of the season. Grab a pumpkin latte and add this smashing color to your own repertoire. Gingers never looked so good!

Brianna Lance with gorgeous ginger orange red hair | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Brianna Lance | Photo courtesy: The Zoe Report

Orange is the New Black

Always a fan of both leisure suits and stay-cations (check out our article on La Jolla, why don’t ya). Head-to-toe orange works wonderfully well in a boxy pant suit in soft fabric. October is the month to schedule in some “me” time – even if it’s just 15 minutes of meditation (tips here). A pant suit is a nice way to look pulled together with the comfort of chilling in PJs.

Orange pant suit leisure in plant-filled home | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: CÉSAR SEGARRA via Design Addict Mom

Bright + Tucked In

Keep waistlines high with cropped sweaters and high-rise jeans. We love the look of a chunky orange sweater tucked into high-waist slacks. Super 80s! Try a Ksenia Schnaider Wool Mix Sweater with it’s funky bubble cuffs.  Slim enough to tuck in, snazzy enough to stand out!

Orange embroidered striped sweater and high-waist slacks | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Streetaiid via Pinterest

Cable Knit Cool

Cable knit sweaters are also making a huge comeback this season.  Find a color-blocked cable knit and mix subtle shades of orange with brighter ones.  This allows you to tone down the impact of the color, without losing the punch.  Isn’t orange pretty when it’s nuanced with shades of red and pink?

Block shades of orange in cable knit sweater | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy MitiMota

Suede Obsession

If you got on board with our 70s-inspired hiking clothes for Fall, think anything suede.  Hunt through your local vintage stores for orange suede coats and jackets.  You can usually find a one-of-a-kind gem, since most girls don’t know what to do with the funky color.  In fact, first come, first serve!  We found an amazing Vintage 70s Rust Shearling and Suede Coat now $100 off at discoleafvintage’s Etsy shop.  Totally face-framing and too legit to quit!  You’re welcome, and be sure to check out the rest of their amazing vintage finds while you’re at it.

Burnt orange suede coat with shearling collar and cuffs | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Victoria Adamson via Refinery29

Pair it With Blue

If you’re not quite ready to douse yourself in brightness, try a complementary color instead.  Orange pairs well with blue, so give color coordination a try.  Remember our article on hip-hop fashion?  Adidas are mighty cool, especially when envisioned by Stella McCartney.  Add a pair of Blaze Orange Training Tights currently on sale  to your cart.  Sometimes a bright color is all you need to motivate a good workout.

Orange track pants | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @alielayus

Casual T.G.I.F.

Who doesn’t love Casual Friday?  You can’t show up to the office in a t-shirt and jeans; add an orange coat to keep the look fun while staying professional. Antonio Melani has a beautifully soft Shawl Collar Double Face Wool Wrap Coat in burnt orange that would do the trick nicely. Perfect for climate-controlled office environments that can get a little chilly! You can keep wrapped up in this coat until your morning coffee kicks in.

Orange pea coat with green bag and graphic rainbow tee | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Kenneth Ling via Pinterest

Autumn Splendor

Have fun with color this month!  Mother Nature is prompting you to get on the orange bandwagon and she is never wrong.  Feel free to add subtle touches or go all out depending on your mood.  Either way, you’ll be right on track with the color of the season.

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