Curly Bob Hairstyles: How To Rock One Right

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If you’re at that awkward, mid-length grow out stage, it’s time to throw in the towel!  Curly bob hairstyles are framing faces with a sexy, tousled effect.  Our favorite hair cuts are above the shoulders with layers that skim the jawline.  Time to let those natural waves loose or maybe time for the perm to be back in action?  What do you think?

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Curly Bob Hairstyles, Baby

Think Jennifer Grey circa 1987. Maximize the volume of curly bob hairstyles with longer bangs and heavier curls. The end result should be simple and natural. Easy to take care of and easy to style, this is the best new hairdo for Sping and Summer.

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Now, who doesn’t love a little synth?

Bangs Are Happening Right Now

If you’re blessed with natural ringlets, bangs are still totally possible. Long bangs help square off the shape of curly bob hairstyles and frees up some weight around your face. Bangs should lay just above your brows and most of the weight should be above your cheekbones.

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Hi Diffuser, Remember Me?

If you’ve got even the smallest amount of natural wave to your hair, you can pull off this look easy. Styling curly bob hairstyles is easy if you have a diffuser. A diffuser is an attachment that fits on the end of your hairdryer. It helps maintain the natural texture of your hair as you dry it. It protects your hair from concentrated heat, prevents frizz, and cuts your styling time in half.

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Natural Born Killer

The best part of this haircut is its effortless sex appeal. Curly bob hairstyles are sending long ringlets back to where they belong. Super happy to have that hairstyle upgraded into something a little more rock n’ roll. Tomboy looks are on trend for 2019 and a loose, curly haircut is about as easy as it comes.

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Pointers For Your Stylist

To get the right cut, there are a few little pointers to consider. Take photos of your favorite curly bob hairstyles to your stylist as a point of reference. Make sure they keep the layers longer in the front. Layering in the back gives your hair the body people love without being overwhelming. If your hair is extra thick, have your stylist razor cut the layers to help thin things out.

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If you opt for a perm, make sure to nourish your hair with coconut oil and use sulfate-free shampoo. The best style product for curly bob hairstyles is a little bit of mousse for big body. You want to focus on keeping a medium-size curl, so a curl shaping lotion can help define curls while keeping them soft.

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The Time Of My Life

Most of all, keep your hair super healthy to maximize shine and minimize frizz. Curly bob hairstyles are all about texture and volume. Your hair should feel loose and free with tons of body. Longer bangs bring the attention back to your eyes and the bounce is made for dancing.

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