Socks with Sandals: Step into Winter

socks with sandals | Girlfriend is Better
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One of my favorite shoe purchases from Spring was an open-back pair of wooden clogs. They tricked me into wearing socks with them on colder days and now I’m a believer! Socks with sandals have been cropping up in fashion and on runways for Fall and Winter. Give it a try!

Socks with sandals | Girlfriend is Better
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Keep Your Feet Dry + Warm

A little overdue on your pedi? Problem solved! Here in La Jolla, we get rainy days that last barely through the morning and then it’s sunny again. Rough winter lives, I know. Wear socks with platforms or a block heel to keep your feet above ground when the forecast is for wet streets only. Dare to wear a cropped pant and show those ankle styles off!

Socks with sandals | Girlfriend is Better
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Socks With Sandals: Age-Appropriate

If you’re in your 20’s, go for the socks with sandals and an A-line skirt. An A-line skirt is the most flattering style that keeps your legs from looking chopped down by socks. You’ve got the legs so please show them!

Socks with sandals | Girlfriend is Better
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Those Socks Go All The Way Up

For ladies in their 30’s, I think a taller knee-high nylon and a longer skirt looks great. If your skirt has a longer slit, a longer sock transforms a tramp-y outfit into one you could wear to the office! Pair thin nylons socks with a great strappy heel. The strap is necessary of your shoes will be sliding off your feet all day. Never sacrifice comfort for fashion. That is not a way to project confidence throughout your day.

Socks with sandals | Girlfriend is Better
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Peek-a-boo Stockings

Finally, women 40 and above can definitely pull off the socks with sandals fashion easy. Just do it with pants! This is fun fashion that all age groups can pull off. I love the way a cushy pair looks (and feels) with Birkenstocks and vintage jeans. You can do a dressier pair with sandals and slacks too – this is a rad way to side-step an office closed-toe policy.

Socks with sandals | Girlfriend is Better
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Get The Most From Your Sandals!

The best fashion stretches into every season. It’s practical and fun to put new and interesting twists on clothing items you already own. Plus, they protect feet and heels and keep your shoes drier too. I’ve always slept with a pair on – not sure if your feet can handle it, but it keeps them softer. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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