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Enhancements for Creativity + Children Feng Shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Looking to embark on a new creative project or want to express more creativity?  Focusing on improving relationships with your children?  Considering adding children to your family? Pay attention to this area of the bagua and allow children to play a more meaningful role in your life. Use creativity in business situations to shape ideas or projects in unique ways. Everyone has a creative side and consequently may benefit from enhancing this center.

Anya Ziourova interior design is perfect for Creativity and Children center | Feng Shui Guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Enhance the children + creativity center | Feng Shui tips | Girlfriend is Better
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Music Alert! This track is super chill and upbeat.  Dare to dream and create the space in your home to expand your creative side.
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Abstract art displayed in children _ creativity center | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Use pastels to enhance creativity in your life | Feng Shui decor guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Find Your Hidden Potential

Located in the middle right area of your home, the element for Creativity and Children is lake. Another idea is to consider what you were passionate about as a child. Think of looking at your reflection in a lake and seeing your vast potential hidden deep below.  Allow things you used to dream of the ability to materialize.

Lake element for Children + Creativity section Feng Shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Use Pastels and go to Town!

First, because this is a creative center, you aren’t held to any specific colors as long as they are in a pastel palette. Use white as a canvas and pastels as accent colors. For example, if you have any interesting artwork or sculptures, this would be the best area to display them. Listed below are some great enhancements for this area.

  • Healthy plants
  • Lamps
  • Metal objects such as picture frames, candlesticks, and other décor
  • Your child’s artwork, good grades, drawings, and projects
  • Baby books, handmade baby blankets (check out our friend Honymfin!), pictures of newborns (if you’re encouraging pregnancy)
Child's room | Enhance creativity with Feng Shui | Mid-century modern chair | Girlfriend is Better
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Encourage Creativity

This center is also the ideal place to display all of your (of your children’s) best work. Clutter, as always, needs to be organized or removed. Remove any items relating to failed creative projects or photos of unsupportive people.  Clean up your exterior space to free mental space for inspiration.

display artwork to promote creativity + children Feng Shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Give Yourself Props

When it comes to your freedom to express yourself creatively, remember to be your own best supporter. It’s easy to take the critic stance, but it’s more fulfilling to get involved in the process of creation. As a result, you can get bogged down in the need for perfection. For example, think of how children are encouraged to dig into projects. Be generous to yourself with praise.

Art + pastels for creativity center | Abstract art | Feng Shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Add vibrant pastels to enhance Creativity and Children center | Feng Shui Guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Still Waters Run Deep

Finally, think of the peacefulness of Lake. There is an element of water, which symbolizes both money and emotions. This water is still and deep. Center yourself and connect to your inner self as you project your desires in this area of your home. Place items meaningfully and make your decor a true extension of yourself.

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