Fur-Lined Coats to Keep You Warm and Fuzzy

Pink fur-lined coats | Over-sized and warm! | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Talk about your warm fuzzies! So much fun! Fur-lined coats are my new favorite winter treat. So many of them are like wearing blankets, I mean how can you resist cuddling up in one?  Scrap the boyfriend and invest in the right jacket instead.

Alexander Wang fur-lined coats | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Alexander Wang

Over-sized and Comfy Warm

Now that over-sized fashion is tromping around, you can maximize your snuggle potential! Big jean jackets or leather jackets protect you on the outside, while the fuzzy stuff warms you on the inside. When I say fur-lined coats, you know I am including sherpa and shearling as well.

Sandy Liang pink fur-lined coats | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sandy Liang
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Sherpa and shearling fur-lined coats
Photo courtesy: Collage Vintage

Fur-lined Coats Don’t Have to be Brown

Unlike our sweet grandmothers, we’ve got animal-friendly options in a myriad of colors. How much more inviting is a patent-leather jacket when it’s got baby blue shearling pouring out of it? OMG, may I please have some more?

Sandy Liang blue fur-lined coats | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sandy Liang

Please Go Vintage

Live in warmer clients like us poor Southern California kids? The best option for a sherpa-lined jacket is to find vintage styles from the 70’s. Denim and corduroy are the optimal exterior fabrics in reds, tans, and browns. So much for all of my color enthusiasm! I still love these jackets, so had to include them. Go for crazy hair or a graphic tee instead ;p

Vintage suede shearling | Fur-lined coats | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Surf and the City

Suede is Still on Our Radar

For colder climates, a la the east coast, try longer lengths and the thickest lining you can find. You can keep your outfit simple (AKA all black) and still wow and amaze with your fur-lined coat from heaven. If you’re traveling, a longer coat can of course double as a blanket (or possibly a make-shift bedspread).

Long suede sherpa | Fur-lined coats | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Paris

Sandy Liang is Pretty Much My Favorite

Pick a piece-y item if you want a coat that would work great for nightlife and can transition you into Spring. Sandy Liang has the majority of my favorite fur-lined coats. Find a bomber jacket with fur sleeves or a long coat dressed with long ribbons and crimped fur. They’re pricey, but hey, you’re worth it so I will still promote.

Sandy Liang fur-lined coats with color | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sandy Liang

You Can Still Do Fur in Wet Climate

As the season progresses, my rainy-day friends can still benefit from fur fashion. There are coats cropping up everywhere that are water-proof and fur-lined too. Stay dry on the outside and super chic on the inside! After all, we’ve all been taught it’s what’s inside that counts.

Over-sized rain coat | Fur-lined coats | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Jerry Lorenzo

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear

Okay, stay all warm and fuzzy inside and enjoy the fruits of a blanketed jacket. No matter what your climate, you can certainly find a fur-lined coat that makes sense. Be sure to leave a comment if you find a great brand or send us a quick picture of you rocking one!

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