Dropped Shoulder Seams Are Perfect For Social Distancing

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If quarantining yourself has brought you anything, a re-found love for online shopping might be it. Take a look at the easy fit of dropped shoulder seams and add a top to your cart. You’ll love the relaxed sleeve and the roomy fit.

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Dropped Shoulder Seams—Relax

Nothing says easy-going like an oversized sleeve. Roomy and billowy, dropped shoulder seams lie anywhere below your shoulder line and above your elbow. Such a lovely addition to sheer dresses and slips on the outside! Look for blouses and dresses that gather at the wrist for extra detail.

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Small Gatherings

Relaxed fits are perfect when you’re keeping your numbers small. Dropped shoulder seams on 80s style sweatshirts spruce up a pencil skirt. Look for fresh cotton gear in Spring colors for an updated take on the material girl look.

dropped shoulder seams | green 80s sweatshirt barrel jeans sheer slip dress retro romantic | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pop Sugar

Grandpa’s Closet

Ever raid your parents’ closets? An oversized grandpa coat is just begging for dropped shoulder seams to complete the look. A vintage wool coat that is 1-2 sizes too big fits bulky sweaters and winter layers perfectly underneath. So smart and so chic!

dropped shoulder seams | oversized vintage grandpa wool coat work wear | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sezane

Room to Grow

Roomy sweaters are Spring wardrobe essentials. A boxy, oversized sweater with dropped shoulder seams is all you need to stay warm in transitional weather. Look for a sweater that you can cuddle in. Opt for a cheery bright color and make sure you get out and get some fresh air.

dropped shoulder seams | bright orange oversized sweater | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Luxury and Vintage Madrid

French Fashion Tips

Ever wonder how French girls pull off looks so effortlessly? One way you can cheat dropped shoulder seams is by purchasing jackets and coats 1-2 sizes bigger. The shoulder seams will naturally drop below your natural shoulder line. It also give a little bit of that modern grunge look that is trending right now. Just add a long lariat or a few coin necklaces and you’re ready to go!

dropped shoulder seams | light blue quilted jacket plaid yellow pants red seater coin necklaces | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue France

Sheer Inspiration

Spring weather is still quite chilly so layering needs to get tactical. Layer sheer or lightweight dresses with dropped shoulder seams over a slip dress. Adding layers keeps you warm but using thinner fabrics takes away the winter bulk. Layering sheer blouses or opaque dresses also gives the impression there is more underneath. A simple slip dress under a boxy shift dress is the right approach.

dropped shoulder seams | opaque sheer shift dress layering | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Zoe Never Dreams via tumblr

Drop it Like it’s Hot

Time to relax and enjoy your own company for awhile. Adding tops with dropped shoulder seams instantly gives off the impression that you are not panicking. Staying smart and looking smart go hand-in-hand.

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