Slips Layered On The Outside Fight June Gloom

Slips layered outside jeans | Girlfriend is Better
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Although things are starting to warm up, the weather can still be kind of tricky. California enjoys what is termed as “June Gloom”, the time of the year when a marine layer keeps the sunshine away. Use cloudy weather as the perfect excuse to rock slips layered outside of an otherwise casual outfit. This footloose and fancy-free style is not for the faint of heart. Check out these ideas and see if you can find a look that’s rock-able in your world. It’s okay if you have a surly attitude – it balances out the carefree style perfectly!

Slips layered outside of tank dresses | Girlfriend is Better
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Slips Layered With Denim

For the coolest girls out there, with confidence to spare, go for the gold in your skinny jeans. Long, sheer slips look amazing over a pair of skinny jeans and flats. It has that East-meets-West vibe and is the perfect way to dress up an otherwise casual look. Add details in gold if you want to dress it up even more.

Long sheer slips layered over skinny jeans | Girlfriend is Better
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The Glories of Youth

For the younger crowd, rest easy that you can get away with just about anything. Find your inner princess by wearing sheer slips over a casual mini and top. Keep the look balanced underneath with an athletic shoe like your white Adidas or Converse. Take a look at our article on all white outfits and add a mesh slip like one of these from Free People.

Sheer slips layered over all white outfits | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Tavi Gevinson | Photo courtesy: Petra Collins

Formal, But Likes to Party

Need a fresh take on the old LBD scenario? Try black slips layered over white pants instead. This is a fun way to go all-out girly with the comfort and freedom of capris. Spice up the next formal even you find yourself attending with this beautiful sheer dotted mesh slip, also from Free People. They’ve got the look 100% down, so you might as well take a cue from the pros.

Sheer dotted mesh slips layered over white pants | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Free People

Short Sleeves + a Graphic Tee

Remember when we alluded to this style in our tribute to the graphic tee? Short-sleeved slips layered over graphic tees absolutely take the cake. If your graphic tee is colored, try to pair it with the same color of slip for a cohesive look. For the more mature crowd, top a casual outfit with a layered sheer skirt for the right amount of pop. As always, the point is to keep what’s going on underneath super casual or even sporty.

Sheer slips layered over graphic tees | Girlfriend is Better
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Don’t Call Me Baby, Doll

A fun style that hails from the 90’s is the baby doll dress. You can use this same idea with the All Day All Night Slip from Free People and keep the layers even simpler. A slip with a built-in top is a little lighter and give you ballerina-like appeal. The sheer, half-tulle design will have you dancing in the streets before nightfall.

Half-tulle slips layered over skinny jeans | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Free People

Go Nude

Another grown-up way to layer a slip is by keeping the mesh as close to your skin color as possible. Slips layered over form-fitting dresses adds an extra dimension and hides imperfections. Peasant style slips with long sleeves and a high neckline are extra pretty. By keeping the lines simple, you can wear this pair to any upscale event without batting an eye. The Free People Sheer Dot Mesh Slip in Cinnamon has simple hems and works with most skin types.

Nude slips layered over from fitting dresses | Girlfriend is Better
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Jeans + Tees Never Looked So Cool

Although the sheer dress thing has been around for quite awhile, topping a pair of skinnies with one is quite new. Try some of these dress looks with black skinnies or white shorts instead. The basic ideas are here and as long as you’ve got the right footwear, you’re pretty much good to go. It’s a fun look to wear at unexpected places and events and simply adds to the fun!

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