Graphic Tees Go With Everything And Nothing At All

Graphic tees and white jeans | Girlfriend is Better
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Back when girl bands like L7, Hole, and 7 Year Bitch were raging the air waves, grunge fashion was all about pairing tomboy staples with super girly non-essentials. Graphic tees and baby doll dresses were equally yoked with fishnet stockings and Converse All-Stars. The 90’s are back, baby! And tee shirt fronts work as living hashtags that help you define your niche to the rest of the world.

Dream All Day Drive All Night graphic tees | Girlfriend is Better
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Graphic Tees #GFisbetterStyle

Right now we’re raving about mish mash layering. Skirts and jeans, sheer and short, it’s all working well. People are figuring it all out! Pair your favorite tee with a maxi skirt and distressed denim for the win. Adding a graphic tee allows you to mix prints effortlessly and still come out ahead. Bold colors and athletic styling makes boring Boho cool again.

Mix graphic tees with deconstructed denim and Bohemian skirts | Girlfriend is Better
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I think my first ever fashion blog article was about my obsession with high-rise jeans. Graphic tees and high-rise pants are like BFF from the womb. I just Googled that and nope, that’s a weird one from me. But you get the idea. They go together like peas and carrots. My favorite tees are vintage beauties that work that 70’s style.

Graphic tees and high rise pants 70s style | Girlfriend is Better
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Another favorite pairing of ours involves pinstripes. Do you remember in Catch Me if You Can where the dad explains why the Yankees always win? “It’s ’cause the other teams can’t stop staring at those damn pinstripes!” The secret top that works with pinstripes is the graphic tee. It gives that baseball-type flavor even if you’re going straight-up punk rock. I’m truly giving away my style now with this one. Free of charge! Isn’t fashion fun?

Pair a graphic tee with pinstripe pants | Girlfriend is Better
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My favorite trick for in the office is to dress down a work outfit with a tee shirt. Or maybe I should say, dress up a graphic tee with a blazer. I am absolutely smitten with tees written in French. Il vaut mieux faire que dire; that’s my motto!

French sayings on graphic tees paired with blazers | Girlfriend is Better
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The bane of my existence has been wrap dresses and blouses. That is a lot of cleavage for me in the Springtime! If you need a little modesty with a deep V anything, a graphic tee is a perfectly acceptable solution. This is also a great little fix for a conservative office. A big, bold graphic works just fine with florals, or any kind of print. Keep the look fun and feel free to pair with a white pair of tennies. That’s a girl on the GO.

Graphic tees go great with wrap dresses | Girlfriend is Better
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Admittedly, boys look amazing in tees with the sleeves cut off. I just can’t get enough of those arms! Customize your graphic tee by cancelling the sleeves and neckline. Pretty up boy’s fashion with a bralette from Free People and mass jewelry. True, this look is a festival favorite, but I think it works in places as versatile as clubs or hiking trails. You know, all places where prespiration may occur otherwise.

Cut graphic tees and pair with bralettes | Girlfriend is Better
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I did save the best for last on this one. Throw that sheer dress over an over-sized graphic tee for the win on that soon-to-be-tired trend! This one I just can’t get enough of. You should go kind of monochromatic for a nice minimalistic appeal. Black on black or nude on nude look best together. Keep the graphic bold and the ruffle or lace details on the dress simple. So stinkin’ cute.

Pair over-sized graphic tees with sheer dresses | Girlfriend is Better
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The possibilities are endless! Now that print mixing and pattern combos are universally acceptable, you really can’t lose. If you need a one-stop-shop for graphic tees, I get most of mine from Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters has always had a nice rotating selection of band tees and vintage throw backs. Don’t feel constrained by the women’s selection either; the men’s styles are perfect if you’re doing the over-sized thing. Be sure to check out our article on slip dresses for more ideas! Trust me, we’re full of them.

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  1. The tee under a low cut dress is a great idea! I’m going to give it a try today. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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