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Fishnet stockings for the win! | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dress Like a Parisian

Okay party people, time to bust out your fishnets! They’ve officially made a comeback (as if they ever went out of style) and are looking hot! This time around, designers are playing with lengths and pairings to freshen up the look. The result is a fishnet that you can wear all day everyday with everything. My kind of fashion!

fishnet knee-high stockings | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Urban Angels

First Things First

Let’s start with the ankle sock. Literally I want to die whenever I see these. They are so stinking cute! I love the black band on top and the unexpected pairing with tennis shoes. Now you are getting where I’m going with the everyday with everything comment. Got to stock up on a pair of these for every day of the week! Let’s find a way to label them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.. like undies.

fishnet ankle socks + Airwalks | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: New York Magazine

Work Your Way Up in the World

If you’re wearing boots, go for the knee highs. I love fishnet stockings in black, but they look pretty amazing in other darker shades too. I’m not a big fan of the pinks and whites, but burgundy, maroon, green, blue, go for it.

Burgundy fishnet knee-high stockings with cowboy boots | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sock Dreams

Go Big or Go Home

Another option is the width of the fishnet. The big, open fishnet looks incredible as a mid-calf or knee-high. They are the perfect pairing with sandals! If you go for this option, get ready for open-mouthed gaping stares. SO sick. You’ve got to have confidence and attitude to pull this look off. I’m sure you have both, so DO IT.

Fishnet knee-high socks | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Emma Summerton
Music Alert! Super upbeat and more cowbell! Check out this fun remix by Enzo Siffredi and get your fishnet on.
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Fishnet Stockings That Go All the Way

Keeping the wider fishnet in mind, the best way to wear a full-length fish net stocking is with socks + shoes! Who cares if you’re wearing a dress? That’s half the fun of the look. This keeps the fishnet from looking all tramp-y, which is a big plus in my book. Pairing sexy with completely unsexy gives it the perfect yin-yang balance. Now you can roam the night streets in comfort.

Karli Kloss fishnet stockings | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy:

Keep Warm With Fishnet

So here’s another idea – wear them under jeans to add a little extra warmth. Now that the cropped style is in, they look AMAZING peeking out under a denim hemline. Even though there are all those holes, they really do add a little extra warmth so they are such a fun addition to an otherwise casual outfit. Plus, it keeps people wondering. What does she have on under there??

Fishnet tights with jeans and Vans | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Jennifer Logan Beets
Fishnet stockings under cropped jeans | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Free People

They Work for Work

Don’t even sweat it – fishnet stockings work just fine in the office. Pair with slim slacks and flats and once again you’ve played down the tramp factor. I especially like them paired with overly feminine touches to set the office tone in stone. They work well if you kind of think of them more as a pattern, similar to plaid. Work in other patterns such as gingham or plaid itself for the win.

Alexa Chung rocking fishnets under slacks | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Alexa Chung | Photo courtesy: Dreaming of Dior

Pick Your Poison

So out of all of these ideas, there’s got to be at least one style that you approve of. Check out Free People’s selection of fishnet socks and let us know what you think. I love the little ruffle detail on the anklets, no big deal.

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