Corduroy is Knocking Denim Back a Season – POW!

Corduroy cropped pants for Fall fashion | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Zoe Report

Quit hogging the ball denim and jeans! Give corduroy fabrics some play time this Fall. The soft, ribbed fabric is even giving velvet a run for its money. You don’t have to completely 86 denim or velvet out of the program, but implement maybe in smaller doses.  With cool 70s cuts and bright Autumn colors, we are rooting for ridges.

Corduroy skirt with denim insert | Girlfriend is better
Photo courtesy: Collage Vintage

Corduroy Cropped

If you’re working in a more conservative environment, you don’t have to fade into the background.  Step up your beige khakis with a cropped pair of corduroy pants instead.  Opt for a high waist and a wide belt (that matches your boots, of course).   We really like the wide cropped leg of these Mara Hoffman Sandra Corduroy Pants.   They look perfect with a floral blouse or fitted turtleneck sweater.  If you’re sticking to neutrals, it’s always nice to add a touch of texture to the mix.

Cropped corduroy pants in beige | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Fashion Gone Rouge

70s Are Back in Action

We took a big old nod to the 70s revival last month with our menagerie of hiking-appropriate fashion gear.  If you’re looking to update your work wardrobe with one piece, go for a pair of gaucho style corduroy pants.  Pick a bright color for big impact.  Did you fall in love with our orange obsession article?  It’s still valid, and we’re making a move towards red for winter, so it’s your choice.   Take a look at these Trill Corduroy Pants by Steven Alan (in Wine), for example. Just be sure to pair with sexy jewel tone colors and a sturdy block heel.

70s inspired corduroy gaucho pants | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @maria_bernad via Instagram

Smart Girls Buy Blazers

Another wardrobe staple is the sturdy blazer jacket.  A corduroy blazer is a great item to vintage shop for – look for jackets with wide lapels and wood buttons.  A sporty blazer gets a high dose of feminine impact with one of our favorite pussy bow blouse ideas. That strong mix of masculine and feminine depends on fabric choices and accessory pairings.  Make sure you have the proper balance when putting your outfit together, lady!

Corduroy blazer with pussy bow tie, plaid skirt, and straw purse | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Edward Berthelot via Getty Imageds

It’s the Italian in Me

If you’ve got olive-tones in your complexion, then you might be happy that all of these flattering Fall colors are available.  Rock your corduroy in mustards, burnt oranges, olive greens, and rusty reds.  You can add small splashes of color via a-line and mini skirts.  Free People has a smashing Cord Mini in Navy Sea blue that will get your eyes swimming.  We love the sexy zipper that goes all the way up the side and the color that works with any skin type. Mini skirts aren’t the only gals that keep our hearts a fluttering; check out our article on overalls and pinafores for some more sweeties. We’ve got some nice ideas on how to adult these looks up, too.

70s inspired yellow corduroy mini skirt and striped sweater | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Keiko Lynn

That’s Right Pardner

It’s also finally cool enough to warm it up in the evenings.  Go Western chic by pairing corduroy pants with a shearling jacket.  The proper update to this style is the wide leg pant cropped above the ankle.  Be sure to check out our article on fur-lined coats for more styles to get your creative juices flowing. We are loving Free People’s night time twist on western wear right now. Try the Amelia Jacket in Medallion for the perfect pants party partner.

Western shearling jacket with cropped wide-leg corduroy pants | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Rex Features

Back in Black

For work and after work, nothing warms our hearts more than head-to-toe-black (or darkest navy blue). Pair dark corduroy pants with a satin blouse and the sickest boots in your closet. Reference our boot watch article for styles that still have our heads spinning.  Need help getting started?  We found the perfect Corduroy Crop Boot Pant by Frame Denim for 58% off.  Super good deal and a great fit. Slimmer, boot cut pants look best to keep your figure long and lean.  Meow.

Black corduroy pants with boots and satin blouse | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Style du Monde

Keep Them in Stock!

As always, vintage finds are worth holding onto. Corduroy cuts from the 60s and 70s never go out of style.  You can always repurpose an item by rolling up sleeves or folding up cuffs.  It’s easy to work in a classic vintage item with trendy looks each year.  It also makes any corduroy item you purchase this year a worthwhile investment.  You will definitely be pulling it out again next year!  And the next..

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