Pinafores + Overalls Are Simple + Sexy

White pinafores apron-style summer fashion | Girlfriend is Better
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Every guy has a fantasy of a girl barefoot and apron-ed.  Don’t bother slaving over a hot stove to keep your man’s attention. Instead, sport pretty pinafores or sturdy overalls to keep his motor running. Sleeveless apron-style dresses and jumpers have country girl charm to boot! Lighten up a little and tap into your girly side this season.

Pinafores and overall jumpers | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Roolee

Pinafores With Buttons

Hand details are always a win! Try to find pinafores with buttons for an added element of interest. Back straps can be fasted with buttons, or buttons can run along the sides. Big plastic buttons or small wood buttons are the sweetest.

Pinafores with buttons | Simple cotton dresses for summer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Oroboro

Pockets + Zippers

The ultimate work horses, overalls boast amazing storage capabilities. Big, slouchy pockets flatter your hips and zipper fronts are perfect for staying hands-free. Overalls are a great idea for beach outings or festivals, where you need to keep your belongings as streamlined as possible.

Overalls and pinafores with zippers and pockets | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Little Duck Wife

Ruffles for Sleeves

Remember our ode to ruffles and our thumbs up to distressed denim? If you combine them both, you have the sweetest little update to any outfit. Pinafores and overalls with ruffles on the straps or bib are always darling. If the bib front is wide enough to guarantee complete coverage, then no need for a blouse underneath! Show off some back and make your pinafore dress anything but demure. Forward has a beautiful white Ulla Johnson pinafore dress with ruffles that is currently on sale, if you’re interested. Check out their Ulla Johnson jumpers and overalls, too!

Pinafores and overalls with ruffles | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Ulla Johnson

Layering With Jewel Tones

Last Fall, we were smitten by dresses and blouses in deep, gorgeous jewel tones. The great thing about pinafores and overalls are their layering capabilities. You can wear them both late into the Fall, simply by swapping a sleeveless blouse for a turtleneck! Add warm tights and you’ve just made your little mini last 3 full seasons. That’s what we call bang for your buck. If you opt for a version in jewel tones, you add vibrancy to your summer wear and festivity to a seasonal outfit. Corduroy is completely acceptable in the summer and so is vegan suede.

Pinafores and overalls in jewel tones | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dani Austin

Naughty Librarian

Pinafores can also conjure up fantasies of that naughty librarian who is always saying, “shush”. Layer a mini dress with a sheer tuxedo blouse and tights if you’re a smarty. This look works well for the office and is surprisingly comfortable, too. Isn’t it funny how the women from boyhood (home and school) suddenly become sexy in adulthood? Are girls like that? Leave a comment if you dare! Alternatively, a pussy bow blouse like the ones in last year’s article is a relevant option as well. Bows and ruffles work beautifully with the clean, straightforward lines of pinafores and overalls.

Alexa Chung in a ruffled tuxedo blouse and dark pinafore dress | Pinafores + Overalls | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Alexa Chung | Photo courtesy: Vanessa Jackman

Everyday Life

If you think you’re too practical for an apron dress, think again! Pinafores and overalls are ultimately meant as work wear and can doll up jeans and a tee.RetroHome is one of our favorite Etsy shops where aprons are concerned. Wide linen pinafores and aprons can be simple and functional; and make housework feel like an art form. My sister mentioned she watched Anne With an E on her Pampa cushion article. If you loved Anne of Green Gables, you should give it a watch! You will be inspired by the simple life and the joys of baking bread and making tea.

Linen pinafores for working around home | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: RetroHome via Etsy

Simple Living

We’re getting ready to go on vacation next month and I’m already do my mental packing! I’m thinking if I add a couple of pinafores to my travel bag, I can change up the look with the tops I wear underneath. Simple cotton dresses are appropriate at a variety of different events and locations. Add a pair of flats and a cute straw purse and you’re outfit will be on point. Florida, here we come!

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