Pampa Cushions Add Touchable Luxury to Your Space

Pampa cushions handwoven from Argentina | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pampa

In a fertile land between the mountains of Argentina, Pampa cushions are woven on circular looms by skilled artisans. Hands that work close to nature have a spiritual quality to them.  One-of-a-kind creations carry a sense of the artist and humble goods are the treasures of mankind.  Look outside your immediate environment to the artwork of the world beyond.  Each item carries with it the natural imperfections of it’s creator.  Add one to your space to invite the peaceful quality that weaving embodies at its core.

Pampa cushions with pompoms | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pampa

Pampa Cushions Invite Touch

Looking to streamline your environment? Focus on the attributes of minimalism and the merits of natural decor. Be more thoughtful and selective with your purchases.  Collect a few quality items and fight the urge to hoard worthless objects.  With textiles, pay special attention to knits and fabrics.  You don’t need a ton of color to make a statement.  Keep the focus on furniture lines and fabric textures by using neutral colors.  Made from 100% sheep wool, Pampa cushions give sofas instant elegance and a sense of luxury.  One or two cushions is all you need to warm up a space.

Pampa cushions in neutral tones | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pampa

Desert Cool

Living in California, I am often pulled towards the beach one day and the desert the next. I love the easy vibes of a beach lifestyle and the warm tones of canyons and sand dunes. Summer is the best time to clear the clutter and lighten the color scheme of your home. Add a Pampa cushion and light throw to a bench or sofa. Invite cozy conversations and cat naps. Both are vital to your health and stimulate creative thinking or better productivity. Wake up earlier in the day to allow for breaks like these.  Get a few tips from our article on meditation to make sure you create a space to find 5 minutes of peace each day.

Pampa cushions warm up summer decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pampa

Get the Look

High-quality cushions handmade in Argentina can be quite pricey.  You can always add the quality of your own hand-craftiness and uphold the values we are speaking about here. If you like the look of Pampa cushions, but are on a budget, try your own handmade version. A Beautiful Mess has a cute Felt Ball Pillow DIY that is made with felt balls and the fabric of your choice. Blankets would be a terrific choice! Check out our article on reupholstering furniture or our feature on Mexican blankets for ideas.

Pampa cushions DIY easy handmade pillows with pom poms | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: A Beautiful Mess

Skip the Pom Poms

In addition, if you’re not a big fan of frills, you aren’t strapped to pom poms.  Find these cozy cushions sans pom poms and focus on pattern instead. Pampa cushions come in a variety of colors and weaves that will punch up your sofa. Mix and match square and round cushions for additional visual interest. Fun ethnic styles add a little Bohemian-like charm and eclecticism.

Pampa cushions add Bohemian charm to home decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pampa

Not Just For Sofas

The great thing about the small round cushions is that they can spruce up any seating area. Beds, benches, and dining chairs are great spots to place Pampa cushions. Soften up bare wood and add comfort to stark spaces. Our favorite cushions are available from Pampa, who handpicks each item from artisans in Argentina. The owners of the company, Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson, are both photographers and have slowly built their business from Australia. Be sure to check out their website for more information on the artisan groups they work with and tons of beautiful photography!

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Pampa cushions on dining chairs | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pampa

Perfect For the Bedroom

I recently finished watching Anne With an E on Netflix and was smitten by the rustic decor of her adopted parents’ home. The simple farm house is paired back to the bare minimum and the focus is kept on necessity. In stark contrast, Pampa cushions seem like a bit of a luxury when added to a paired-back space. Give a guest bedroom a touch of warmth with an oversized pillow. Add a plant or two and you’re done! Bedrooms should always be warm and inviting. Soft fabrics and knits are always welcome.

Pampa cushions warm up guest bedrooms | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pampa

Round and Round

Add Interesting shapes and textures to your environment wherever you can. For example, we’ve been looking at plants with rounded leaves and mirrors with unusual lines or curves. Use those ideas to start thinking about shape.  Put better thought into your purchases by focusing on the details. Vintage or hand-crafted items often provide a lasting quality that is worth a little extra. Open yourself up to exploration and discover works of art that speak to your soul.  Items with interesting stories or backgrounds add sentimental value as well.

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