Surf Shack Baby! Lighten Up Your Decor for Summer

Mid-century modern surf shack summer decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Time to turn your favorite stay-cation residence into a warm, Bohemian surf shack! Adding beach style is a fun way to lighten up your decor and will inspire you to get outside more, too.  We’ve talked about Spring cleaning here on Girlfriend, but I admit this is a bi-monthly occurrence in my home! Closets have been purged and a deep cleaning has been done.  Take a weekend and get rid of anything you didn’t use over the winter.  The emptier your home feels, the freer you will feel about sand on your floors and saltwater in your hair.

Surf shack Bohemian decor for summer | Girlfriend is Better
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Surf Shack Sea Shells by the Seashore

Did you get a chance to read Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh? Check out our highlight of this quick read in our article on minimalism. In her book, Anne decorates her surf shack of sorts with shells and driftwood. Create the same effect by maxing out a few shelves with all the beach-y stuff you can get your hands on!  Shells are a no-brainer, but you can get creative with succulents and island decor from your last trip to Hawaii.

Surf shack decor with sea shells and driftwood | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: SF Girl by Bay

Glam Up Your Surf Shack

Another great way to add some island appeal to a small space is with wallpaper in the right print. Dress up your surf shack with a palm frawn wallpaper print in unexpected colors. Hygge and West have the right flora prints, with pineapples, palm trees, and more! Add bamboo or wood shutters to windows. Use round rugs made with natural colors and fibers to give your floors some visual appeal.

Surf shack style powder room wallpaper | Girlfriend is Better
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Do You Bamboo?

Another easy, subtle way to add some island charm is via bamboo. Remember our article on sprucing up small spaces? Bamboo shelves or a bamboo mirror give a powder room surf shack appeal affordably. Throw in some sculpted bath towels from World Market and you’re all set!  Beach decor is especially effective in the Career section of your home, so Feng Shui it out!  You might be presented with a golden opportunity this summer as a result of your good decor sense 😉

Surf shack bamboo mirror powder room decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Emphasis on the Shack

Your surf shack shouldn’t require a bunch of shopping. The best part of this breezy style is that it’s simple and rustic. Use bright blues and greens (think colors of the ocean) and mix with tropical plants and natural furniture. Sometimes, the biggest impact can be made with a simple can of paint. All it takes is the right color!  Get creative and rummage through garage sales and thrift stores for the right vintage touches.

Surf shack paint ideas | Girlfriend is Better
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Patio For Two

The most fulfilling portion of my “Spring cleaning” in June involved the good ‘ole outdoors. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to take that surf shack appeal outside. Check out some of our outdoor divider ideas, including breeze blocks for a 60’s surf vibe. Hang cowrie shell chandeliers or bamboo wind chimes that add to the ocean sounds of your atmosphere. World Market also carries a great selection of outdoor area rugs on sale right now.  Get one or two that you can layer for a true Bohemian effect.

Surf shack patio with shell chandeliers and bamboo wind chimes | Girlfriend is Better
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Patio for Four

Finally, if you’ve got older patio furniture, save yourself a complete overhaul by upping the Boho factor. Turn your backyard into a cozy hangout with vintage blankets and rugs. Add a couple of surf boards and your open air surf shack will be complete! Use the beauty of consistently good weather to your advantage and extend your home to the outdoors. Grab one of our favorite classic novels and take some time to yourself each day.

Bohemian patio surf shack hangout | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: SF Girl by Bay

Open Windows

Did you know good energy flows in through windows and out through doors? Keep windows open and invite that good chi as a welcome guest. In addition, check out our Feng Shui plant guide and add one or two to an empty windowsill or corner. Make your surf shack full of good vibes!

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