Tie Front Top Tribute: Best Trend for Summer

Tie front tops and mom jeans | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @lovecaitx via Pinterest

Ready to show off your best parts for summer? No matter where you’re at on your weight loss goals, the tie front top flatters every figure. We’ve found some of the trendiest ways that ladies are rocking this style for summer. Some of them are pretty creative! Check out our favorite jumper styles, office appropriate looks, and vacation staples.
It’s as easy as letting a few buttons go and adding a tie where it looks best on you.

Tie front blouse and high-waist pants | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Mara Hoffman

Tie Front Jumper

We are mad for denim on denim these days. Mara Hoffman has a beautiful tie front top in cobalt linen. Tie up your top and pair with high-rise pants in the same color for a jumper-type effect. This is a perfect look for vacation and packs easy when traveling. You can mix and match both pieces as well. Use your imagination!

Mara Hoffman tie front top and high-rise pants look like a jumper | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Mara Hoffman

Always Add Embroidery

Embroidery is big this year and we have been shouting our love for it from the tops of mountains! A simple cotton top with handmade details such as embroidery or ties makes summer living a breeze. The key to this look is to keep the waist high. Too much stomach degrades the effect dramatically. More leg, less tummy!

Tie front top with embroidery and high-rise shorts | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @jeannedamas via Instagram

Super Modest

You can still rock the look and keep “more to the imagination”. We’re seeing plenty blouse styles that have just the bottom tie instead. Try this cute plaid style by Cloth & Stone via Anthropologie. It’s loose and breezy and looks great with white denim or a white skirt. This look is appropriate for moms and casual day at the office.

Tie front plaid blouse and white denim | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Anthropologie

More Cleavage

Another popular style has a scarf-life effect, with longer cleavage and ties. Find a blouse with open sleeves and a simple print. Color blocking and stripes are big right now and keep the look more up-to-date.

Long tie front stop in stripes | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Runway Scout

Sewing Skills Required

If you’ve got a high-waisted skirt you want to revamp and some expertise with a sewing needle, check this out! A Pair & A Spare has a DIY for a tie front cut out dress you will love. The skirt needs to be at least knee-length, since they cut away the bottom to use as the top. This is a perfect alteration for vintage skirts and is so easy, you might want to make two or three.

Tie front dress DIY from high-waist skirt | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: A Pair + A Spare

Bows + More Bows

Another idea is to focus on the “bow effect”. If you’ve got a tie front blouse with a great bow, consider adding another one to the waist of your high-rise jeans. It’s pretty and simple, and it’s pretty simple. We haven’t gotten off of our Memorial Day kick; so we especially love this look in red, white, and blue combos. Never toss old jeans without saving some long scraps of fabric for belts and ties. “Waste not, want not”, my grandmother always used to say!

Tie front tank top and high waist denim | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: bynefandnat

Layer With Long Necklaces

If you opt for a blouse with a lower tie, feel free to add a few layered necklaces. Long necklaces flatter a low cleavage and work just fie with a tie front blouse. We’re smitten by Rails’ Derby Tie-Front Top with it’s sophisticated SoCal style. Any time you can find a gorgeous linen piece in office-appropriate prints, you’ve won. Winning for days and days!

Tie front linen blouse for work | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Anthropologie

Up and Down

No matter how you choose to do your tie front, rest assured you will look great if you choose the right print and fabric. Keep the look classic and on trend with a high-waist and you will feel even more comfortable. You can splurge on a great new top for the office or a special event and wear it a million times beyond. Or, it can be as easy as a DIY or tying up a soft cotton blouse. It’s up to you! The look is so versatile and universally flattering, we’re sure you’ll look amazing, whatever you decide.

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  1. Love the striped top with super long ties. This is a great collection! Looks like most of these are bra-free though ?

  2. The polka dot jumper is so cute! Outfits with cutouts like that seem super popular. Covers all the right parts ?

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