Oversized Graphic Tees Like You Just Don’t Care

oversized graphic tees | plaid mid-length skirt boots modern grunge | Girlfriend is Better
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Some of us adjusted to quarantine a little easier than others. Stay-at-home fashion like oversized graphic tees made their way out on the streets this season. Street style girls are rocking favorite vintage finds that are all about self-expression. These tees are no longer just for bedtime.

oversized graphic tees | vintage thrift store Bugs Bunny polka dot mid-length skirt Converse tennis shoes | Girlfriend is Better
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Oversized Graphic Tees Go Metal

Get ready to see more oversize fashion with modern grunge peeking out from the 90s. Grunge style are getting super legit and oversized graphic tees are an outfit staple. Layer one over a mid-length skirt and your favorite pair of combat boots from Portland. Boom.

oversized graphic tees | heavy metal midi-skirt ankle boots modern grunge 90s | Girlfriend is Better
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Time to Go Thrifting

There are a few trends that made us hit the thrift stores recently. Some of the best oversized graphic tees you will find will be in the mens section of your local thrift shop. We have always loved graphic tees and you just can beat one that’s already been worn in. The graphic should be one that jumps out at you and sparks your signature style.

oversized graphic tees | thrift store menswear mid-length skirt street style | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Sasha Melnychuk | Photo courtesy: Style du Monde

Minimalist Mavens

The look also works for girls who were listening to new wave in the 90s. Your oversized graphic tees can showcase your favorite black and white art or band member. Keep the look simple with a loose black skirt and muted Dr. Martens. Accessorize with plenty of rings (we still love gold signet styles) and let your hair and makeup be pretty natural.

oversized graphic tees | new wave modern grunge green Dr. Martens midi skirt | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Steal the Look

Play With Length

Most of our favorite styles are paired with longer skirts but you aren’t stuck to that. Oversized graphic tees look just as good with a stylin’ mini skirt peeking out beneath the hem. Think about mixing super faded boy styles with glammed out girl touches. Urban Outfitters has a luscious selection of tees that might be worth checking out if your local thrift shop is still closed.

oversized graphic tees | faded boys thrift shirt gold mini skirt modern grunge 90s | Girlfriend is Better
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Wide Stripes

Another option when pairing your tees is to play with Beetlejuice-esque stripes. Wide striped pants and skirts are also on trend under oversized graphic tees. Add your personality-identifying sunglasses and your favorite pair of tennis shoes to complete the look. Easy for walking about town like you just don’t care.

oversized graphic tees | Iron Maiden vintage tee shirt striped pleated mid-length skirt white tennis shoes | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Steal the Look

Tuck it in

If you want to tackle every trend in the book, tuck yours in! Oversized graphic tees just just as good tucked into that midi skirt of yours. Accessorize with a stylish beret (got to cover those roots!) and the ever-trendy see-through purse. You can wear boots or tennis shoes with this look and be right on target.

oversized graphic tees | midi skirt white tennis shoes beret see-through purse | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Steal the Look

Long + Short of It

The best part of this trend is you can get it pretty much by just rolling out of bed. Graphic tees are so natural and tomboyish and that’s why they look great with skirts. The boy-meets-girl style keeps your femininity in tact while operating under masculine conditions.

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