Tennis Shoes Tiptoe Through The Tulips

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We were hesitant to put this article out because it might seem a little too behind an obvious trend.  However, our favorite tennis shoes are just too cool to pass up and these days go with any outfit you can dream up.  Take a look at these styles and we’ll put you in touch with the best brands to shop for. Think about upping your shoe game or just replacing a pair with something fresher.

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Reeboks | Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters

Tennis Shoes in Living Color

Add comfy, casual shoes to any mid-length skirt or dress this season.  White tennis shoes are of course the most versatile.  Try on a pair of Veja low-top sneakers made from responsibly sourced leather.  The simple details on the “V” and heel tab are all the colors you need.  Veja has conquered minimalism and looks amazing with anything leather.

tennis shoes | Veja sneakers low-top leather midi-skirt | Girlfriend is Better
Veja | Photo courtesy: Who What Wear

Worn/ Porn

If you’re averse to scuffing up white tennies, never fret.  Worn-in white tennis shoes give a little character and are actually just as sought after.  Pro tip: think Nike Air Force 1. Pair them with wide-leg pants or high-water denim as you see fit.  Low-rise socks are just as acceptable as no socks so dress how you like.

tennis shoes | scuffed Nike sneakers | Girlfriend is Better
Nike | Photo courtesy: Tokyo Girls

Hip Hop Hooray

Although there’s no written rule, our personal feeling is that dresses look best with your newest kicks.  Pristine white tennis shoes are more appropriate for business casual looks. Go old school hip hop with a smashing pair of adidas Originals.  They look great with layered hoodies or dresses of any length.

tennis shoes | adidas Orginals blue plaid cotton dress school uniform | Girlfriend is Better
Adidas | Photo courtesy: Fredes Blog

Orange You Glad

Now that you’ve got white figured out, let’s take a look at some color.  Suede tennis shoes look so good in color and are quite easy to pull off. Longer dresses are quickly replacing jeans and shoes with thinner soles work best.  Low-top Adidas Gazelles come in a rainbow of colors so pick the one you like best.  To get the most wear out of them, look in your closet for skirts and dresses that share a similar accent color.  You might be surprised about the pair you put in your cart!

tennis shoes | orange suede Adidas Gazelle floral dress street style | Girlfriend is Better
Adidas | Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Balance it Out

Running shoes are also gaining real traction in the fashion world.  New Balance tennis shoes tend to have more substantial soles and cool color combos.  Get over your trepidation about white athletic socks. Ankle socks are extra cool with a pair of New Balance Classics in any color.

tennis shoes | New Balance Classic women trail running white ankle socks | Girlfriend is Better
New Balance | Photo courtesy: Bellerose

Converse 4 Lyf

We’re pretty sure there’s never been a time that we haven’t owned a pair of Converse.  Converse are the tennis shoes that just keep giving. High-top, low-top, black, white, color – you can’t go wrong.  Chuck Tayor All-Stars work with business suits and bathing suits alike.  They come in canvas, suede, and leather. They are hallmarks of preppy outfits and underground gear.  The brand has been kicking it since the 1920s and is probably the most iconic shoe of all time. That’s how we roll.

tennis shoes | black Converse All-Star low-top sneakers neutrals corduroy pants | Girlfriend is Better
Converse | Photo courtesy: Bellerose


The trend has been out long enough that European brands are starting to surface as rivals to their American counterparts.  The biggest thing to consider if you’re looking for new tennis shoes is the thickness of the sole and the color. Sock pairings are just as important and your choice should be made in the mirror.  Your feet just became your favorite part to accessorize!

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