Skincare Oils Are 100% Part of Our Beauty Regimen

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Time to trade in your heavy lotions and creams for lightweight oils.  Today’s skincare oils work to treat skin issues and can be used by every skin type.  Take a look at the bare bones of basic oils that can be used together or alone as needed.

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Skincare Oils Prevent Acne

Breakouts are not reserved for teenagers!  This sad fact makes tea tree oil one of our favorite skincare oils on the market.  You can find the oil alone or as part of your favorite face wash. (We love Trader Joe’s SPA Face Wash line as an easy, one-stop-shop.)  Tea tree oil is distilled from a plant found in Australia and possesses antibacterial, anti-flammatory, antivral, and antifungal properties.  It works a little more slowly than the same amount of benzoyl peroxide but with fewer side effects.

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Grapeseed Oil For Oily Skin

Oil for oily skin? Who knew?  Grapeseed oil is probably the best bet for anyone that is hesitant towards using skincare oils.  Another fun fact: after wine is made by pressing grapes, grape seeds are left behind. It’s high in Vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids and doesn’t clog pores.  This makes it ideal for all skin types and can also double as an eye makeup remover!

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Avocado Oil For Dry Skin

If you need something with very high moisturizing properties, try avocado oil.  Avocado oil is one of the most versatile skincare oils and contains nutrients and antioxidants that are easily absorbed by the skin.  The fatty acids in avocado help reduce redness and inflammation as well. Antioxidants help heal dry and irritated skin. It’s always smart to try oils on a small area first to ensure it does not aggravate serious skin conditions.

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Argan Oil For Anti-Aging

You should always wear sunscreen as a part of your daily ritual.  Moroccan women have used skincare oils (like their native argan oil) to protect their skin against sun damage.  The antioxidant activity in argan oil helps prevent free radical damage, burns, and hyperpigmentation. In addition to moisturizing the skin, long term use may also prevent skin cancer and melanoma.  You can apply argan oil twice a day to keep skin moisturized and protected. It pairs perfectly over a sweet dose of Vitamin C serum for optimal effects.

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CBD Oil Prevents Inflammation

Note: CBD oil is not the same as hemp seed oil and does not contain THC.  Hemp-derived CBD oil is increasingly becoming one of the most popular skincare oils on the market.  This is because it is anti-inflammatory and also acts as an analgesic. It calms skin and reduces redness while it helps offset damage from environmental elements.  CBD oil has a most significant regenerative effect on skin than hemp seed oil. Look for full-spectrum CBD oil with a potency of around 300 mg/oz for best effects.

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Coconut Oil For Dewy Foundation

We love all things coconut and coconut oil is one of our favorites as far as scent goes.  When you’re replacing your moisturizer with skincare oils, remember a little goes a long way.  If you’re going for the no-makeup look, we recommend using retinol at night and coconut oil by day.  Pure, extra virgin raw coconut oil increases skin elasticity and can also be used to help fight acne.  Create a simple, exfoliating scrub by mixing baking soda with coconut oil. It doubles nicely as an eye cream and keeps your skin plump with hydration.

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Use a Little; Store a Lot

Once you have found your favorite oil, be sure to keep plenty on hand.  Skincare oils work great on every body part – not just faces! You will find yourself rubbing oil on your knees, elbows, hands, and hair!  The trick is to just use a tiny bit and let your skin absorb all the goodness.

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