Spring Picnic Ideas For Solo Gals + Family Fun

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It’s okay that they’re closing our beaches right now—this is the best weather for being inland, anyway. Grab some of our Spring picnic ideas and head for the hills with a simple lunch. Social distancing does not mean staying cooped up inside all day! Take a walk and enjoy Mother Nature while doing your civic duty.

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Spring Picnic Essentials

Really, there are only a few essentials to eating outside and the rest is all about creativity. For a proper Spring picnic, you need a basket of any kind and a big, sturdy blanket. Mexican blankets are perfect for picnics and are easily washed when you’re done. Bring one or two for layering if needed. Walk or bike to a private location and enjoy a little sunshine and fresh air.

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Simple Foods

When packing a basket, keep it simple and provide a variety of things to nibble on. A baguette, some fruit, cheese, and a bottle of wine is all the French need for a Spring picnic. No need to reinvent the wheel! Bring a hat if it’s sunny and a favorite book or magazine if you want to enjoy your own company.

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All About Location

Think about a spot that you can visit in solitude. Everyone has a getaway place that would be the ideal location for a Spring picnic. Soak up the healing powers of the great outdoors. Take a short drive with your family and let the children wander outside for awhile. It will do everyone a bit of good to be in the great outdoors!

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Easy Entertainment

A little entertainment might come in handy if you’re alone or together. Bring a musical instrument, puzzle books, or portable crafts on your Spring picnic. We have some easy friendship bracelets in our Summer camp article if you need an idea. Use some of our easy meal prep recipes to plan a lunch or brunch that is perfect for taking outside.

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No Further Than Your Own Backyard

Dorothy of Oz learned that you never need to venture far to find her heart. A simple Spring picnic in the backyard will always suffice! Set up a makeshift table and hang string lights to make it feel extra special. Take a look at our favorite backyard party ideas and include your homebound guests in the planning. A hygge hostess knows the prep work can be a part of the fun!

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Pick Flowers

Another principle of Hygge is getting outside and bringing nature back in. Stop to smell the roses (literally!) on your Spring picnic and gather a few wildflowers to bring home. They will double as decor while you dine and will liven up your home. Take a look at our article on pressing flowers and start an easy craft if you dare.

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Find Peace Outside

With all of the commotion in news and social media, a few moments peace might be a welcome treat. Plan a Spring picnic this weekend or even take your lunch outside during the week. Keep it simple but make it special so you thoroughly enjoy the time. A few moments peace and a few slices of fruit can be just what the doctor ordered when you’re feeling stress. Stay well, girlfriend!

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