Outdoor Tablescapes For Fall Entertaining

outdoor tablescapes Fall dinner party | Girlfriend is Better
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Capture the remaining warmth of the year by hosting a dinner party in the sunshine.  Our favorite outdoor tablescapes for Fall take advantage of the rich and vibrant colors of Mother Nature.  Most families have Thanksgiving dinner earlier in the day; why not take advantage of the fact that it’s the warmest time to be outside?  This also makes cleanup pretty easy and doubles your home’s capacity for entertaining guests.

outdoor tablescapes Fall dinner party natural decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Settle into Outdoor Tablescapes

If you have a covered patio or loggia, consider cozying it up.  Morrocan-inspired outdoor tablescapes can be simple, with the textiles taking all of the attention.  Mix patterns in warm hues and layer area rugs with sitting pillows or poufs.  You can keep the party going into the evening with the addition of a few well-placed Moroccan lanterns and blankets.  Serve warm, spicy beverages or easy mocktails to keep guests warm and the conversation lively.

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Bring Mother Nature In

Weather doesn’t permit?  Bring Mother Nature in with easy outdoor tablescapes that boast the flora and fauna of your area.  Gorgeous centerpieces can be easily created with a few pine branches and pinecones, to boot. Get creative and use wood slices as the foundation of a plate setting.  The rustic appeal is wonderful set with your best china and silver.

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Tropical Heat

An alternative to bringing the outdoors in is to bring in greenery from the outdoors you wish you were in. Create a stay-cation like atmosphere with outdoor tablescapes that hail from the tropics. This is a fresh approach to the standard cornucopia-and-gourds layout. Visit your local florist and allow yourself to dream of what Thanksgiving would look like in Hawaii or Bali. Keep the look stylish and classy with touches of glass and gold. We love these gold stemless wine glasses (currently on sale!) and use them throughout the year.

outdoor tablescapes tropical centerpiece dinner party decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Look Around Your Home

If you’re on a budget, you can still create a wonderful table without doing any shopping.  Simply look around your home for items you can use to create outdoor tablescapes in a pinch.  Succulents are reimagined in a vintage box or on a pretty platter.  A Mexican blanket can do double-duty as a tablecloth; layer one or two for a fun, Bohemian vibe.

outdoor tablescapes succulents Mexican blanket tablecloth idea | Girlfriend is Better
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Separate Spaces

Usually, patios and loggias are more rustic, with rustic colors and generous doses of the wood elementSpruce up your patio furniture by creating lush, outdoor tablescapes that are equally breathtaking and informal.  Stagger bunches of low-laying flowers with tall, wispy greens.  Use your kitchen as a buffet station and let guests take their plates outside.  This also helps with overeating – it’s easier to stick to diets when the food isn’t staring you right in the face!

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It’s All About Presentation

A wise woman once said, “it’s all about presentation”.  Outdoor tablescapes should conjure feelings of abundance.  Many times we try to create that with food, but a well-set table can do the trick just as well.  Save yourself from slaving over 20 different dishes and instead pick four or five that you make really well.  Place them in serving dishes and garnish them with care.  Make sure to keep the focus on the people and conversation, which are infinitely more important than the food.

outdoor tablescapes centerpeice pumpkin floral arrangement | Girlfriend is Better
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Now that you have some ideas for your table, think about the atmosphere of your home.  Outdoor tablescapes can be a supplement to the ambiance you create.  Greet guests with drinks and select an easy-going soundtrack for the event.  Use upbeat, happy mixes with Big Band or Jazz favorites.  Ask guests to bring a favorite side dish, so you aren’t stuck in the kitchen.  A relaxed host is an essential part of an enjoyable party!

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