Patio Prep For Barbecue Parties + Beyond

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It’s our nation’s favorite holiday and nothing says “America” quite like a backyard barbecue. Add a few of these fun ideas to your patio party and keep them on hand for other events. Simple details go a long way and don’t have to take much effort. The best decor is anything you already have or anything you can reuse!

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The Humble Bandana

Bandanas are about as American as they come. Vintage bandanas are pretty easy to find and spruce up your patio decor easy. (Be sure to check out our bandana article for a myriad of ways you can incorporate one into your summer style, too!) Get your guests 90% of the way there with a bandana napkin, some silverware and a Bell jar drinking glass. Better for the environment and 100% country charm!  I do declare.

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Patio! Party!

It wouldn’t be a proper patio party without a bar cart in the mix. A vintage roll away tea cart works both indoor or outdoors and is a very versatile item indeed! Not a big drinker? You can still get plenty of use from a handy couple of shelves loaded with plants, fruit, and sparkling water. Pier 1 has gorgeous red or blue carts currently on clearance. They are hand-forged and the base is hand-set with pretty painted ceramic tile. Just thinking of all of the possible uses for one of these guys has our heads swimming!

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Red, White, + Blue

If you’re hosting a light dinner, have some fun and keep things festive. Check out our favorite watermelon recipes from last week for some tantalizing appetizer and salad ideas. Use sparklers as part of your table setting and mix-and-match your tableware. Just about anything red, white, and blue will do. Start scavenging your home for blankets that can be used as table runners or on chair backs. We found some gorgeous tablescapes in the Spring that can get those creative juices flowing if you need.

Red white and blue patio table decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Keep Score

A game or two is always a welcome addition to any outdoor party. Let guests keep track of the score with an over-sized patio chalkboard. It’s a simple as any old piece of wood and a can of chalkboard paint! It’s best to use two coats and let dry 48 hours, but one coat the day before would work in a pinch. Keep easy-going games readily available (such as cards, horseshoes, etc.) that don’t take a lot of corralling of people. Structured games and bossing people around is not cool for a backyard party.

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Host a Movie Night

A grand idea for pre-fireworks festivities and post-4th parties! Turn your patio into a cozy outdoor theater with a sheet and a projector. Use lanterns or Moroccan lamps as lighting. Lanterns have a cool Bohemian look and give off the right amount of glow. Be sure to provide cozy blankets and pillows for your guests, as well as plenty of popcorn! A short movie works great if you’ve got kids who are a little antsy for fireworks to start.

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Born Free

Finally, a backyard party should not require a lot of fuss or overthinking of details. The hostess is in charge of creating a relaxed atmosphere! Pick one or two ideas that you have time for and add them to your patio for fun. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and will certainly contribute to the festivities of the evening.

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