Yellow Home Decor: Warming + Cheering

yellow home decor | bathroom tile earth element feng shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Time to add a little sunshine to your soul with a bright splash of color. A large swatch of yellow home decor can be an unexpected surprise in any home. Use a big brush and exercise boldness as you incorporate a regal sense of madness to your humble abode. We’ll show you the designers who are doing it well for an added boost of inspiration.

yellow home decor | wall paint mid-century modern chair earth element | Girlfriend is Better
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Yellow Home Decor Can Be Cozy

One of the best places to add a hint of saffron is in the bedroom. Mix yellow home decor with bright pastels and focus on texture. A chunky knit blanket in soft merino wool pairs nicely with linen bedding and faux fur. Dig on this excellent faux fur throw pillow DIY and have fun in the place where all the magic happens.

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Boost Your Health

If you’re a lover of Feng Shui, you know that yellow is also the preferred color for the Health center. Add yellow home decor to a kitchen to help enhance nutritious living. Your health affects your view on life so it’s important to take care of yourself. Start cooking with seasonal vegetables and add meditation and exercise to your routine. Things will start looking brighter with a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

yellow home decor | health well-being Feng Shui kitchen wall paint Hygge | Girlfriend is Better
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Make it P O P

Enhance the drama factor of dark wall paint with a burst of bright. A moody entryway instantly cheers up with a little yellow home decor. Try upcycling a tired upright piano with a fresh coat of paint. Things will perk up instantly. You’ll find yourself gravitating more toward the music and will cheer up the whole household.

yellow home decor | upright piano dark wall paint entryway upcycling refinish | Girlfriend is Better
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Go For Gold

Head over to our article on gold sofas for incentive to add a little luxury to your life. A mid-century modern beauty in soft velvet might be the yellow home decor that makes sense for you. Vintage finds in excellent condition will delight you for years to come. Try one in your home office and invite visitors to relax in style.

yellow home decor | gold velvet sofa mid-century modern office | Girlfriend is Better
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Tickle a Taurus

May is the perfect month to decorate for one of our favorite earth signs (Taurus). Ever the hostess, Taurus will benefit from adding yellow home decor to a guest bedroom. Guests will benefit from the uplift that comes from staying a few days with calm and stable Taurus. Evoke Wisdom + Knowledge energy into the space with vintage or abstract landscape paintings. Taurus has excellent taste and is very detail-oriented so we know the end result will be a total success.

yellow home decor | abstract landscape painting linen bedding guest bedroom | Girlfriend is Better
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Earth Angel

When adding halcyon color it’s helpful to understand how it relates to the earth element in Feng Shui. Place yellow home decor in an area that can benefit from earth element’s stabilizing influence. Keeping earth in balance helps prevent clutter as well. Paint an old bar cabinet or media cabinet and organize it’s contents well. The earth’s symbolic shape is the square, so you can double the effects with a functional piece of furniture.

yellow home decor | earth element bar cabinet organization hygge | Girlfriend is Better
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The Glass is Half-Full

Yellow has always been the color of optimism and positivity. Choose a golden shade to keep things warm and cozy. It’s ultimately an accent color because of the energy it radiates. You don’t need to do a whole room in yellow but definitely add it with a heavy hand.

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