Metal Element: Stay Focused With Feng Shui

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Our final installment of the Feng Shui element series will help you kick off the New Year with purpose. The addition of the metal element to your home decor will bring in the type of energy that helps you focus. Learn which areas of your home to incorporate this element for the greatest success.

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(Heavy) Metal Element

Hopefully, you have already learned about the five Feng Shui elements (water, earth, wood, and fire). The metal element is nourished by earth and is controlled by fire. When melted, it runs like water so there is a distinct connection there as well. The chi of metal creates a magnetic-like charge which helps create structures and boundaries.

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Color Palette

It is quite easy to incorporate a color palette that invokes the energy of this element. Use lighter colors like white, grey, and pastels for the metal element. This is also the best color choice for the Creativity + Children and Helpful People centers of your home.

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I’m digging the energy of this track by Dantze – ending the year with deep houseeee.

Time to Shine

The archetype of this element is the Alchemist. The metal element also has shiny properties of silver and gold. Keep this element healthy by adding earth element where possible. Add a plant to a metal pot to help stabilize the energy.

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Circular Motion

You can use shapes just like you use color to incorporate metal into your home. The metal element is represented by circles which are considered to be “pure shapes”. Light fixtures are also an easy way to combine several elements into one space. Kelly Wearstler has a gorgeous collection of pendant lamps and chandeliers. They incorporate gold, circles, and metals with sleek, streamlined designs.

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Needing more structure or organization in your work life? An office is most benefited by the metal element because of its structural nature. Adding more metal to a work environment helps to enhance organizational abilities. Metal also promotes logical thinking and careful crafting of business plans.

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How Much is Too Much?

Be thoughtful of balance when incorporating this element into your decor. Many people tend to overuse (modern, contemporary) or underuse (creative, Bohemian) the metal element. You want to create a space that is warm and inviting while at the same time focused and structured. Remember that white is the color of metal so an overly stark house can feel too controlling. Warm it up with wood or earth elements where possible.

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Dynamic Energy

This element is very crisp and fresh by nature. Use the metal element to add clarity or direction to your life. If you’re feeling a little lazy, perk up your environment with a mirror or a few decor items in silver and gold. You’ll be back up and running in no time!

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  1. I remember lots of metal when I was in the military… never realized they were just being Feng Shui…
    (scary chairs 😉

    1. Good eye! You know your art! Glad you like the mirror – it’s like a ray of sunshine in that room 🙂

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