Water Element: Feng Shui Decor Goes With The Flow

Water element Feng Shui | Mexican modernism leather chair abstract art | Girlfriend is Better
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Welcome to another installment on the five elements of Feng Shui. This month, we will look at the water element and how it works to speed up or slow down the flow of chi. Chi is energy that works like breath (or air) and it moves through your home like a stream. If you are feeling hectic and rushed, you may have an over abundance of this element pervading. Learn how to enhance or manage your life flow with a few simple tips.

Water element Feng Shui | Bathroom tile large round mirror plants | Girlfriend is Better
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Water Element Creativity

Last month, we studied the earth element and how it works to stabilize your environment. The water element is controlled by earth as it helps to create boundaries and slows it down. The Career center of your home is represented by water, so pay close attention to the front middle section of your home. This is usually your entryway. Consider how to add more curves and movement to this area. The more abstract the better! Add warm, grounding earth colors for a harmonious combination of energy.

Water element Feng Shui | Curved paint wall and floor | Green chair entryway | Girlfriend is Better
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Ocean Environment

Start thinking about your favorite body of water and incorporate it into your home decor. The easiest way to add a water element to any space is with cool colors. Happiest on a lake? Love the ocean? Use dark colors like navy blues and blacks to represent the deeper abyss. Mingle items in light blues, greens, and teal to lighten things up more like the shoreline.

Water element Feng Shui | Patio wood table metal teal chairs | Girlfriend is Better
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Abstract Art

Water can also represent your inner subconscious. Using abstract art in cooler colors is a terrific way to add a water element to any space. Take a look at our articles on agate watercolors and abstract collages by Raymond Saáfor instant inspiration. Likewise, artists like Malika Favre, who uses minimal shapes and curves are also quite wonderful. Choose pieces that speak to your id.

Water element Feng Shui | Teal abstract art portrait by Chantal Leger | Girlfriend is Better
Art by: Chantal Leger

Green Glass

As far as materials go, glass is a nice combination of water and earth. Use glass items to bring reflective qualities of the water element to your space. Consider adding one of our stained glass ideas to add color and privacy to a room. We especially love colored glass decanters that reflect in the sunlight like glistening water. Green glass can be breathtaking when produced in generous curves, like these vintage Italian wine jugs on Etsy.

Water element Feng Shui | Casa Solaro Italian decor green wine jugs ornate mirror | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Albeli

Combine With Metal + Wood

In the cycle of the elements, water is nourished by metal, which in turn nourishes wood. Create a harmonious space by combining the curves and colors of any water element with wood and metal. How you accomplish this is up to you. Images and shapes work just as well as actual materials. Just going with a beach vibe instantly evokes the power of water into your decor.

Water element Feng Shui | Round dining table metal chairs | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Whitney Krutzfeldt via Glitter Guide

Geometric Mirrors

Another way to add water’s reflective qualities to a space is with mirrors. Large, geometric mirrors not only add a water element, they double the energy of any center. Get inspired by our favorite geometric and Italian mirrors and place them where you need enhancing. Use mirrors with rounded edges or circular shapes. Plants are also terrific ways to incorporate water and wood. They help circulate chi and improve the oxygen flow in your environment.

Water element Feng Shui | Geometric mirror mid-century modern black leather arm chair living room | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: DelightFull

Use What You Have!

It’s fun to buy a few things to add a little water energy, but not necessary. Start looking around your house and pay attention to which items represent the water element to you. Use the bagua to identify the different centers of your home and see how too little or too much water could be affecting them. If your career is feeling stagnant, add a water fountain or a simple beach collection to that center. Alternatively, if you’re feeling stressed out, add some earth items like ceramics to focus the flow. It’s all about how it makes you feel, so trust your intuition when it comes to water!

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  1. I love your feng Shui articles! Thanks for the interesting information on water. Time to take another look around the house…

  2. I’m so interested in Feng Shui. I took a class a few years ago and will have to read up on the different elements again. We have a lot of wood in our house. Hope you will write about that soon.

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