Agate Watercolor Artwork: Abstract Bohemian Earth Charm

Agate watercolor artwork by NancyKnightArt via Etsy | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: NancyKnightArt via Etsy

My kids and I have found a love of rocks! My son recently became a member of the Rock and Gem Society and we both have been developing a passion for Earth science. When I came across these beautiful Agate watercolors, I was smitten, needless to say! The beautiful watercolor rings have almost a tie-dye effect that brings out my hippie side, too. They are a fresh addition to any Bohemian decor.

Agate watercolor artwork by StripedCatStudio via Etsy | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: StripedCatStudio via Etsy

Agate Rings

Agates are generally found in volcanic rock and are a form of finely-grained, microcrystalline Quartz. They are generally easy to mine and are fairly inexpensive. Fine banding or strong natural color will increase the value. Agates are generally used in jewelry, or as an ornamental stone; cut in slabs or used in home decor as bookends. If you practice Feng Shui, they are a perfect addition to the Knowledge and Wisdom center of your home.

Agate watercolor artwork by VersoPRINTS via Etsy | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: VersoPRINTS via Etsy

Oversized Art

We’ve been enthralled with oversized art these days and the impact a beautiful piece can make in your home. Find an Agate print in the largest size possible! Beautiful swirls and lines emanate a Zen-like feeling to any space and will instill you with a sense of peace. Oversized art makes a statement above a sideboard or sofa and is particularly lovely paired with natural woods. Be sure to check out our recent article on natural decor for more inspiration.

Agate watercolor artwork by Dantell via Etsy | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dantell via Etsy

Add to a Gallery Wall

If you’ve got several small pieces of art, use them as part of a gallery wall. A large Agate watercolor also makes an impact split into several smaller frames. Use frames that are the same color and space them about 1″ apart to keep the look cohesive.

Agate watercolor artwork by Viviana Gonzalez via DenyDesigns | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Viviana Gonzalez via DenyDesigns

Paint Your Own!

Feeling creative? All of the art shown here is available for purchase, but you can make your own pretty easily. The trick to making fabulous Agate artwork of you own lies in the bleeding of color. Alexis from Persia Lou gave a neat little DIY on Delineate Your Dwelling that you should check out. I love how she uses salt to absorb the color and give the painting texture. Gorgeous!

Agate watercolor artwork DIY | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Delineate Your Dwelling

Intricate Details

Don’t feel constrained to a particular size – geodes also work nicely in small groupings. You can really get into the details of a gouache or watercolor painting. A collection of small Agates in bright pastels can be more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers. You will find yourself drawn into the intricacies of the crystal formations.

Agate watercolor artwork by TenderfolkCo via Etsy
Photo courtesy: TenderfolkCo via Etsy

World of Treasures

I often think of all of the treasures that exist abundantly in the Earth. We place high value on gemstones that are rare, but why? Think of the world instead as a vast treasure trove with bounty to be had by all. Our beaches are flecked with gold and our mountains produce gems like these endlessly. Reflect back on how the principles of minimalism can help you recognize the fullness within your current life. Add an Agate watercolor to your home and let it serve as a reminder of these ideas.

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