Feng Shui 4th: Knowledge + Wisdom

Knowledge + wisdom center home decor | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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In Feng Shui, the Knowledge and Wisdom area deals with higher education as well as inner study and growth.  If you are a student or are wanting to broaden your perspective through learning, this is a living area you should consider focusing on. Likewise, this may be an important area for you to enhance in your children’s rooms.  Help those kids get great grades! You can use the bagua for individual rooms the same way you do for your whole home.

Home office in knowledge + wisdom center | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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For Knowledge and Wisdom, Think Mountain

Located in the front left section of your home, the element for Knowledge and Wisdom is mountain. The strong and unmovable mountain allows you to still the mind.   Clear the clutter of everyday stress and get in touch with your true self. If you need more help, check out the article on how to use the bagua. Use the bagua as a blueprint to understand where this center lies in your home.

Mountain artwork for knowledge and wisdom center | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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What Symbolizes Wisdom to You?

One idea is to look for peaceful images of mountains that you can display in this area of your home.  As you think of mountain imagery, enhance the knowledge and wisdom areas of your home with heavy objects, bookshelves, or items made from rock.  This is a great place to create a study area or reading nook.  Maybe you will be reminded to read more books and watch less TV?

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Structured Layout

The prominent colors for this section should be dark blues and greens. If you have bookshelves, try to place them in the Wisdom and Knowledge area and keep them clean and organized. Furniture should not be placed on angle; this is an area that should be very structured in layout. Now you have a great excuse to paint something! Check out our painted furniture article for tons of pictures and ideas.

Other Knowledge + Wisdom enhancements can include:

  • Healthy plants to increase healthy energy
  • A lamp or lighting to brighten and stimulate
  • Books, maps, or study items
  • Photos of wise people
  • Artwork of mountains or quiet places, etc.
Perfect home decor for the knowledge and wisdom center | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Use What You Have in New Ways

Think of items you currently have in your home that relate to meditation or study and place them in this section of your home or room.  If you are seeking more internal growth and perspective, consider making this area of your home a place that is conducive to meditation.  One of the things I love most about Feng Shui is that it gives you an opportunity to view items you already own in a new light.  If you’re in the mood to shop, it’s fun to look for things that might symbolize wisdom and knowledge to you!

Decorate with blues and greens | Feng Shui knowledge + wisdom center | Girlfriend is Better
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Music Alert! For meditative music that won’t put you to sleep, check out this track by Stillwell. I came across it as recommended by Austin Speed, a local San Diego DJ who rocks (pun intended).
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Great Meditation Space

If you don’t already practice some form of daily meditation, I suggest you start!  Give yourself 15 minutes a day to clear your thoughts or focus on your personal spirituality.  I start every morning this way and it gives me the mental and emotional energy to be more giving as a result.  We have a saying in our house, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” If you’re new to meditation, check out our Meditation 101 article. It explains proper breathing techniques, etc.

Structured furniture layout in blues + greens | Feng Shui knowledge + wisdom guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Girls go to college to get more knowledge.

Clear this space of clutter, including drawers or bookshelves.  Remove items that do not provoke thoughts of wisdom or perception.  Obviously, you don’t want clutter in any space in your home, but pay special attention to the areas that you are focusing on enhancing.  If you are a student, keep this section super organized!  Many careers rely on some form of continuing education if you want to stay relevant in your field.  Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and a clear head!

Clear the clutter! | Feng Shui tips knowledge + wisdom center of home | Girlfriend is Better
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Mountain Materials

Here are some great examples of items that you can use for this center. Swag Paper does a bunch of cool atlas wall murals that work perfectly. I like this blue world mural for the knowledge and wisdom center especially! They have some great white-washed ones too. Remember, your actions first begin with your thoughts and beliefs. When you decorate your home with a purpose in mind, it helps strengthen your resolve and gives you a little sense of optimism. If you are enhancing this area, let us know what you did!  GF should be a forum for sharing ideas and learning from one another.  Get a conversation started!

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