Wood Element Personal Growth With Feng Shui

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Never change! But if you’re looking for a little personal growth, the wood element can certainly help. This is one of the 5 Feng Shui elements that can contribute to the energy in your home. Learn how to incorporate some upward momentum into your environment with these easy tips.

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Wood Element Energy

To channel this energy properly, think of your favorite type of flower or tree. Add a wood element to any space that can benefit from this kind of feeling. Take a look at the bagua if you need help focusing in on a specific area. Wood harnesses the energy of expansion, growth, and vision.  Use cooler colors in shades of green or brown to enhance feelings of abundance or steadiness.  And to have the steadiest living room around, check out the Forest Green Samara Seating Collection.  Its deep green upholstery and gold-tinted metal legs makefor a stunning statement.

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Create Something New

If you’re feeling like your life’s purpose is out of focus, a little elbow grease goes a long way.  The wood element increases energy and clarity.  Try this excellent mid-century modern side table DIY from A Beautiful Mess. It’s a great project for anyone who has some experience working with wood. The total cost of materials is $75 so it’s a terrific way to upcycle vintage table legs.  Take a look at our articles on reupholstering chairs and painting wood furniture for more creative ideas.

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Rectangular Shapes

Another way to harness this energy is though shapes.  Rectangular items bring the wood element into your space as well.  Look for seating that uses square cushions and pay attention to the details!  Rattan furniture often incorporates square arms or backs.  Staircases count too – take a look at our article on stair risers and give this oft’ neglected area some TLC.  As far as chairs go, you can’t go wrong with this Gray-washed Wood And Rattan Starla Chair. Its captivating design and stunning universality make it a must-have.

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Fall Hygge

Wood is also most welcome in stripes as they double the effects of upward momentum.  Add the wood element with a strip of paneling to a kitchen backsplash and you’ve got a foundation for Hygge decor.  Hygge is all about simple lifestyles and gathering with friends and family.  Natural wood grains and a little open shelving is the easiest way to update a kitchen nook.  Be sure to keep coffee mugs and ice cream bowls close at hand so you can treat anyone who visits. I can’t recommend this Natural Wood Mix & Match Wall Shelf Collection enough.  These mango wood shelves feature a beautiful, natural grain.

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Wood Feeds Fire

Play close attention to fire elements in your home also.  Fire helps balance the wood element, so a fireplace or items in red work well.  Take a look at our fireplace Feng Shui guide for more tips on managing your mantle.  Beautiful lighting also enhances spaces that are filled with wood.  Wood gives positive energy, so feel free to use it at will!

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Water Nourishes Wood

Conversely, the water element helps wood to grow.  Water represents the spirit, so nourishing wood is essential for personal growth goals.  Take a look at some of our surf shack spaces and add a little stay-cay environment to your home.  Photos from your favorite travel destinations can help revive your soul.  Create a custom gallery wall with wood frames and souvenirs.

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Just Add Plants

When all is said and done, a little plant life always helps fill in the gaps.  Plants are the simplest way to incorporate wood energy and are a literal breath of fresh air!  Read our Feng Shui plant guide to learn which types of plants are best for indoors.  Plants like monstera deliciosa and other tropical plants are at the top of the list!

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