High-Water Pants + Cropped Denim On Trend

High-water pants cropped denim black coats boots | Girlfriend is Better
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“The flood is over and the land is dry, why are you wearing your pants so high?”  This season, boots are getting the recognition they deserve with high-water pants on trend.  Cropped denim and slacks are comfortable and versatile.  You can wear them to work or window shopping.  Here’s how we’re doing it for Fall (and well into 2019).

High-water pants cropped denim yellow coat French girl cool | Girlfriend is Better
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High-Water Pants Go Grunge

One way to pull off the trend is by rolling up a pair of boyfriend jeans.  Add a pair of combat boots and a high-rise waist to your improvised high-water pants.  If you read our article on Portland, you know we have a thing for Dr. Martens.  100% 90’s grunge style at it’s most comfortable.  This combo is just made for splashing around in puddles (bloop!). Be sure to also check out these Mid-Rise Slim Boyfriend Jeans for a perfect combo. You’ll be one of the cool cats in no time wearing these!

High-water pants rolled up denim jeans | London Fashion Week | Graphic tee black coat boots grunge | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Spain
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Construction Zone

Fall is also the season for school bus and mustard yellow.  Yellow looks especially terrific paired with high-water pants in black denim.  Check out our favorite hiking styles and get yourself a pair of Timberland boots in wheat.  We like cropped skinny jeans or bell bottoms best for Fall.  Culottes should be saved for warmer months.

high-water pants black cropped denim yellow jacket Timberland boots | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Collage Vintage

It’s High Time

The best pant for work is high-waisted and pleated.  Wear high-water pants with easy Oxfords and a vintage graphic tee.  Throw a double-breasted blazer over the ensemble and you can go from night-to-day like that!  The high waist helps offset the high cuff and looks very dapper, indeed.  Cheerio!

high-water pants plaid slacks oxfords tee | Girlfriend is Better
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Walk of Shame

If you’re the kind of girl that finds yourself out past 6 am, then these pants will work with you.  High-water pants in fabrics like wool or tweed will keep you feeling warm and looking cool.  Best to keep things toned down with a multicolored fur in neutral tones.  As we suggested with Oxfords, you aren’t stuck with boots when rocking this look.  Any shoe that looks cool with ankle socks work. To really complete this look, be sure to get yourself some of these High-Rise Plaid Skinny Ankle Jeans. Stylish, yet comfy, these pants are a must buy.

high-water pants plaid slacks faux fur coat | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Collage Vintage

Long + Short of It

Just like a high-waist helps balance a shorter hem, a longer coat helps as well.  The trick of high-waist pants is to get the length right.  The hem should fall just below your calf and above your ankle.  Cropped denim looks fantastic with this season’s colorful fur-lined coats.  Cold weather doesn’t always have to mean dark colors!  You were born to shine! And shine you will with these Higher Ground Cropped Jeans. These pants exude style, and with them on, so will you.

High-water pants cropped denim rolled cuffs plaid coat black green mustard yellow | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Spain

More Plaid

Every Fall we go bonkers for plaid (as indicated here and here).  Keep plaid prints big and bold on your high-water pants for maximum impact.  Take a cue from our skate style looks and throw in an old school pair of Converse.  We love them in canvas or leather – you take your pick, lady!  Ankle-length pants make putting an outfit together sooo easy.  Bye skinny jeans with long hems.  Good riddance!

high-water pants plaid Converse | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vox clamantis in deserto

Come Hell or High-Water

This is ultimately a working girl’s look.  High-water pants are meant to be workhorses, taking you across town and safely through boardrooms.  Always add some punchy-ness to your look with bold patterns.  Keep the look balanced with the right hem and waistline.  If you can dream it, you can do it!

2 thoughts on “High-Water Pants + Cropped Denim On Trend

  1. Ok, so I LOVE those plaid pants, and the mustard yellow is a staple in my closet! I always fear plaid because I’m “hippie-er” and prints on my bottom scare me!???
    Buuutttt (no pun here?) I may have to give them a try!!
    Thanks for the content?

    1. Thank you! Remember, the trick is in the waist. A high waist is key for flattering you figure with those shorter leg lengths. And longgg coats are so in, so dont worry about ur bum 😉 so glad u liked the article 🙂 🙂

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