Summer Shorts and Longs

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Far from winding to an end, Summer is hotter than ever and generally can carry high temperatures far past September. An investment in one or two pairs of summer shorts is perfectly practical this time of year. They are much more versatile than you might think as they can operate for both work and play.

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Which Length of Summer Shorts?

When selecting one or two pairs, think about what part of your wardrobe needs updating. Every occasion calls for a different (appropriate) length of summer shorts. Longer shorts are best for business casual and pair amazingly well with blazers. Short shorts are best at the beach, on a boat, or anywhere temperatures are above 80 degrees. We also love roomy, mid-thigh styles that feature wide belt loops, deep pockets, and a flashback to the 80s or 90s.

summer shorts | Girlfriend is Better | mid-thigh denim pleats wide belt loops deep pockets
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Ultra Minimal

Another fresh style (that never goes out of style) hails from the 70s. Long, wide at the leg, and front pockets make summer shorts simple and versatile. You can pair this style of denim shorts with a graphic tee, a lightweight sweater, or a denim top. As for footwear, we recommend easy tennis shoes or a chunky sandal.

summer shorts | Girlfriend is Better | mid-thigh 70s denim front pockets minimal
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Long and Loose

For work, we feel longer is better, and preppy is excellent. You can exercise full feminine power with summer shorts that graze the knee and cinch up the waist. Look for the right fabric and a fit that could almost double as a skirt. Little details, like buttons, pleats, or hems can make all the difference.

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She Wears Short Shorts

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so short shorts are perfect when you’re weekending or on vacation. If you’ve got the legs for it, opt for micro summer shorts that roll at the hem and give cut-offs a break. This style looks cute and tomboy with a fitted tee, sport socks, tennis shoes, and a skateboard or roller skates.

summer shorts | Girlfriend is Better | mini micro rolled hem denim
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Taste of Fall

If you’re ready for Fall but can’t quite commit to cooler temperatures, corduroy might be a good compromise. Short summer shorts in Fall fabrics and a high waist are perfect when you’re actively relaxing. This style is great on camping trips, hikes, and window shopping on vacation. Pair with skate shoes, leather flats, or hiking boots.

summer shorts | Girlfriend is Better | tan corduroy high waist rolled hem
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Casual Friday = Sweats?

One last idea we want to throw out there (because it’s too good to avoid) is pairing super casual shorts with ultra-conservative menswear. Casual Friday is the perfect time to sport summer shorts in comfortable materials like terry cloth, microfiber polyester, and cotton. You can even pair it with a structured tee but keep the rest of the details uber-professional. Soft trench coats, loafers, and a top-handle purse tell the world you still mean business.

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Define “Tasteful”

Whichever length you decide upon, using these styles and tips as a guide will help you dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are looking to spruce up your work wardrobe, summer shorts will work! If you’re worried about Fall shopping, keep shorts as a solid candidate. It’s all about how you pull it together and what the situation calls for.

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