Workman Style: A Tribute to Industrial Americana

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If black is a power color, then blue practices the art of influence. The blue collar worker is at the heart of workman style and is planted in modern Americana. As manual labor has transitioned over to handcrafted work, the style has gotten some cool hipster updates. Check out our favorite ways to pull off the look and get back in touch with denim.

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Workman Style Denim

Our fashion maven eyeballs have been going gaga over menswear this month. Generally, workman style is fairly monochromatic and the color of choice is navy blue. Mix tomboy styling with preppy fashion by buttoning up your collar and tucking in your shirt. A tennis shoe or lace-up boot completes the look.

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Layered Denim

Start filling your wardrobe up with denim and chambray. Layering denim is an easy way to pull off workman style in the city. Go for a fisherman style with wide-leg pants and a beanie. The workman-at-sea look is a fun and creative way to stay comfortable and stylish. Let your layers shine by mixing a cropped jacket with a longer blouse.

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No Pants Dance

Once you’ve got the initial look down, you can start mixing things up. We never said workman style was a pants-only game. Button up midi skirts in denim and chambray are also an appropriate alternative. Accessorize with a canvas tote and keep everything else pretty minimal.

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Essential Jacket

When shopping for blue collar pieces, think straight and square. A workman jacket is an essential ingredient to anyone’s handcrafted wardrobe. Also know as a chore coat, the workman jacket features utility pockets and a square fit. We love Brixton’s Denim Chore Coat since it’s lightweight and perfect for Spring and Summer. Workman jackets come in a variety of colors and styles, the front pockets are essential.

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Foxy + Boxy

When crafting your basic outfit, pay close attention to the fit. Workman style should be cropped and boxy in shape. Culottes are perfect because they show off straight, wide hems. Leverage the boxy style of the classic chore coat with any jacket by using the same principles. This means a structured shape, straight hem, and somewhat roomy fit. Add a neck scarf to keep things feminine (any good French girl would).

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Footloose/ Fancy-Free

Once you get your blue collar wardrobe worked out, it’s a simple game of mix-and-match. The color palette of workman style is usually quite reserved so everything pairs well. Opt for non-stretch denim and pay attention to things like buttons, stitching, and fit. Denim pairs nicely with canvas and wool so bags and shoes should follow suit.

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Nod To Workman History

Workwear started in 19th-century England as manual laborers wore flat caps, denim, heavy boots, and donkey jackets. Merchant seamen and dockworkers gave workman style their own twist with the introduction of knit caps and pressed navy blues. Classic Americana is a nod to each of these styles and is a part of any community-based lifestyle. Props to the hipsters for keeping handcrafted culture cool.

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