Home Beauty Tips = R.e.s.p.e.c.t.

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Self care is important for your mental and physical health. A few home beauty tips will keep you looking and feeling your best. Looking beyond simple vanity, putting a little effort into your appearance also affects the way you are treated by others. Make it evident that you respect yourself and others will act accordingly.

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Home Beauty Tips For Bangs

Generally, we would never recommend cutting your own bangs. If you’re in a pinch a few home beauty tips for cutting hair can go a long way. Essential tools include hair cutting scissors, a flat comb, and this easy bang trim DIY. Many people try to cut bangs straight across but a better technique is to make vertical cuts instead. Practice makes perfect!

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Brow Shaping

Now that we can see your eyebrows again, let’s focus on cleaning them up. Using home beauty tips for brows also helps you prolong visits to the salon. This stretches out your budget and keeps you looking your best. Contrary to popular belief, tweezing brows in low light helps prevent over-plucking. Check out this article on brows and only clean up hairs that are most obvious strays. Letting your hair follicles breathe is essential to curating a fuller brow.

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Pamper With a Pedicure

One of life’s little luxuries involves taking care of your feet. Even if you get regular pedicures, a few home beauty tips for your feet are still needed. An at-home pedicure takes a few tools but maintenance is pretty easy. Regular exfoliation keeps your heels nice and smooth so we recommend investing in a pumice stone. Give your heels a quick scrub every time you shower and you won’t need the extra treatment in the salon.

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Manage Your Manicure

Your hands are just as visible as your face so they require a little more concerted effort than your feet. Salon manicures also benefit from home beauty tips because it’s important to know how to prevent possible infections. If you use gel polish or get regular acrylic fills it’s important to remove any nail covering that starts to lift. Check out this shellac manicure tutorial that takes only 4 easy steps. It will give you the tools and tips for removing nail coverings and then reapplying them. You never know when you might find yourself unable to hit the local nail salon..

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Skin Care.. Because We Care

Once you hit a certain (ahem) age skin care becomes paramount and the no-makeup look becomes more appealing. The best home beauty tips we can give you revolve around taking good care of your skin. Your skin absorbs vitamins and minerals very easily so products that contain Vitamin C are terrific for helping it to stay healthy.

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Spa Night

A good spa night is always in order. Try a sugar scrub or a coffee scrub to keep your skin fresh and radiant. We mentioned earlier that home beauty tips are essential to your mental health. Try a long soak in an Epsom salt bath which pumps your body full of magnesium. A 15-minute soak helps reduce anxiety and hypertension. Our kind of prescription!

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Take Care Babe T.C.B

A beauty regimen can be very stabilizing and calming. Adding a few home beauty tips to your routine doesn’t require expensive products or a padded budget. Keeping your outsides clean and healthy lends itself to greater self confidence as well. Any beauty treatment is like a big hug and will keep your spirits lifted. Worth any smidgen of time you can carve out to take care of yourself.

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