Caffeine Belongs on the Outside of Your Body

Caffeine skin care health benefits | Girlfriend is Better
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It’s remarkable what coffee and tea can do for you. Caffeine has been coming to the rescue for me lately, but this time on the outside! Because it contains antioxidants, caffeine is used in many beauty products. It can perk up your skin care regimen and may help prevent skin cancer in the future. Marvelous!

Caffeine benefits your skin | Girlfriend is Better
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How it Works

You know how the caffeine in coffee or tea causes dehydration? This can be put to good use on the outside, as it is able to draw excess fluid from fat cells. It constricts small blood vessels and reduces inflammation in the skin. Anti-inflammatory properties make it a good component of cellulite creams and eye creams alike. Way healthier for you as a skin product.

Caffeine prevents cellulite | Rosie Cheeks Scrub | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Roses N Rosé

Oh, Them Puffy Eyes

Not loving the world in bloom so much? If you wake up in the morning with some serious puffy eyes, there is a super easy cure! Take two black or green tea bags and soak them for a few minutes in warm water. Move soaked tea bags to the fridge for another few minutes to chill and then place them over your eyes for 5 minutes. Your eyes will feel fresh and you’ll be on your way! Models and grannies have been doing this for years, so there’s a bandwagon for you to hop on.

Caffeine in soaked tea bags cures puffy eyes | Girlfriend is Better
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Green Tea Mask

If you’ve got some extra time, make a green tea mask for your eyes easy! Ever since my sister introduced me to aloe juice, I’ve been adding aloe vera to my morning smoothies. Now I’ve got a cool eye mask to use it for! If you have green tea, aloe vera, and honey on hand, you’re well on your way! Make an Energizing Green Tea Eye Mask as prescribed by Laurel at Catching Seeds. Smart girl to incorporate honey for it’s anti-aging properties.

Energizing green tea eye mask | Caffeine skin benefits | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Catching Seeds

Caffeine for the Shower

I did mention caffeine helps reduce cellulite. That wasn’t just a teaser. A coffee scrub works in a myriad of ways to improve this area. First, the scrub increases circulation, while the caffeine produces a tightening effect. Coffee has the same PH as skin, so it won’t dry you out like other products. Then, essential oils work to soften and heal the skin. Check out San Diego’s own Roses N Rosé (@roses_n_rose on Instagram) for an amazing Rosie Cheeks Scrub that smells and feels great. The first time I used it, I realized I had gotten dressed without putting lotion on. My normal ritual didn’t even occur to me, my skin felt so soft and smooth straight out of the shower! The combination of Vitamin E oil (for stretch marks), organic coconut oil (to hydrate the skin), and Rosehip oil (to replenish and even out skin tone) made my skin feel silky. Something about smelling coffee in the shower first thing in the morning is quite a pick-me-up. I’m officially ready for swimsuit season!

Caffeine reduces cellulite | Rosie Cheeks Scrub by Roses N Rose | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Roses N Rosé

DIY Eye Serum

Most women love coffee, but knowing that it is the perfect antidote for eyes and thighs should make us pay closer attention. Pop Sugar has a simple DIY for a Coffee Eye Serum that puts caffeine to work on eye puffiness and dark circles. This amazing eye serum calls for the following four ingredients: ground coffee, almond oil, grapeseed oil and Vitamin E oil. All items are easily found at your local health food store and are very inexpensive. Mix a batch and strain it through cheesecloth to remove the grounds. Funnel into a bottle with an eye dropper (you can find these at most pharmacies or on Amazon). Simply pat a few drops under your eyes and go!

Caffeine reduces puffiness and under circles for eyes | DIY eye serum | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: PopSugar

Give The Gift of Beauty

When you are purchasing caffeinated scrubs and serums, think of others who might benefit from a lift. Also, some companies, such as Roses N Rosé, contribute a portion of the proceeds to charity. That’s always nice! Plus, any of these items make easy gifts. Purchase a few packages to have on hand for baby and bridal shower baskets. When you’re making a home remedy, gather a few extra containers and pass on the love to someone who needs a pick-me-up on the outside! Us girls have got to stick together. After all, that’s what Girlfriends are for!

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