Nook Life: Getting Creative With Small Spaces

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Getting ready to have baby #3 and I’m seriously doing some nesting! I’ve sworn off social media and am trading all that free time for a good book instead. We have been inspired by sunrooms this month and I decided to create an easy reading nook by a bright window. Find a small space in your home that you can cozy up to! It will warm up your environment and you can use small pieces of furniture you already have lying around.

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Create a Little Office Nook

Doing the home office thing like we are? Thanks to modern technology, you don’t really need a ton of space to work. Carve out a nook by a sunny window and place a simple desk there. This is a perfect solution for an entryway, where you can drop keys or mail on your way in. You can also brag to your friends about your “corner office with a view”, if you like. We won’t tell.

Create a nook with a simple desk and chair | Girlfriend is Better
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Cozy + Functional

If you’ve got a cozy chair, carve out a little corner for yourself to relax in. Add a big basket and you’ve got a functional nook for knitting or rocking baby in. Comfortable spaces close to a fireplace add to the charm of your home and take emphasis away from the television. Add as much peace to your home environment as possible so you can function throughout your busy day!

Cozy fireplace nook for knitting or baby | Girlfriend is Better
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Home Cafe

Like to read the morning news feed while you have your cup of coffee? Add a little bistro table and chairs to a tiny nook in your kitchen. Give yourself the feeling of being in a quaint cafe without all the hustle and bustle! This is the perfect spot for a gallery wall displaying your favorite vintage frames. Put on some jazz or big band to uplift the atmosphere. We have some cute record player display ideas that would work well nearby this space, so check those out if you’re vinyl-enhanced.

Dining nook with bistro table and chairs | Girlfriend is Better
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Gotta’ Love That Piano

Speaking of music, if you have a piano, don’t stick it in some forgotten corner. Place your piano by a doorway and create a nook that will inspire you to stop and play more often! After all, practice makes perfect. Add some charm to the area with tiny stems that you gather from your yard. Simple works well when you give just a little thought. A half-bench also works best if you’re doing this idea so there’s room to move around.

Create a piano nook by a doorway | Girlfriend is Better
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Add Plant Life

One thing any corner in a room loves is a plant or two. Plants help circulate energy and keep the air flow healthy. Add a hanging plant near your reading nook, but be sure your chair is not directly under it. You don’t want the feeling of something looming over you while you’re trying to relax! Add a plant on a nearby table, or even set one on the floor.

Add plant life to a reading nook | Girlfriend is Better
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Add a Moroccan Rug

Sometimes, the best seating for a nook is a window seat. Add fluffy pillows and a fur throw to settle into your nook with a good read. I’ve been enjoying the Gift of the Sea book my sister wrote about in her article on minimalism. It’s so inspiring! We also gave you a couple of quick reads in January that you should check out as well. There are some great nook inspiration photos in it along with the reviews of the books. Throw down a thick Moroccan rug like this one from West Elm and go from window sill to floor. That kitty cat lifestyle we all envy!

Add a cozy Moroccan rug to your nook | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: sfgirlbybay / victoria smith

Small Spaces Are Taking Over

I love the small spaces trend. Everyone is getting homey with their decor and spaces are getting so inviting! The best thing about a nook is that it doesn’t take a lot of work to create. Once you have one established, it may end up being your favorite place in your home! Leave us a comment if you have any other ideas, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be updated when new articles drop 🙂 Us nook kids got to stick together.

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