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Finding yourself working from home? Carve out a creative home office space that is custom-tailored to your working style. Having a specific work space enables you to focus and also allows you to close shop at the end of the day. Some of our most innovative spaces are tucked away in unused hallways and dining room areas.

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Creative Home Office Fundamentals

First, it’s important to start with the basics and then work your way up. A creative home office requires a sturdy desk and comfortable chair first and foremost. Secondary furnishings include anything that will help you keep your space organized. Give each item some thought—a Breuer-style chair is as comfortable as it is sexy and modern. Industrial kitchen shelving also works just fine to store books and boxes.

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if you work to music, these synth vibes will spark those creative juices.

Tucked Away

Take a look at our article on room dividers and think about sectioning space off in style. Mid-century modern style gives any creative home office a upscale vintage vibe. Find an open nook that will fit a desk snugly and incorporate it into the architecture of your home. You will find yourself feeling more Don Draper than Harry Potter with the right approach to an open staircase.

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Double-Duty Guest Bedroom

Something tells me you won’t be having any houseguests for awhile. Make an empty guest bedroom work overtime as a home for your creative office. General Feng Shui bedroom principles insist you keep a sleeping area as restful as possible. Find the right balance between keeping the decor cheery while still promoting relaxation. When guests arrive, stock the space with books, magazines, and the wifi password.

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Awkward No Longer

You might have an awkward nook or cranny if you live in a tiny apartment or older home. Leverage unique architectural features and incorporate a creative home office. Stack easy-to-move open shelving as high as you can reach and layer in art and sculpture. Bonus points if you are situated next to a sunny window with a view that is perfect for daydreaming.

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Fun + Functional

One room can serve many purposes within a big family environment. Why use a dining room only in the evening when it can be a creative home office by day? Add a record player and your collection of vinyl among your stack of books and celebrate when study time is over. Woo-hoo! This idea is particularly good in the Wisdom + Knowledge center of your home.

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Rethink Layouts

Use photos and home decor guides to help guide your inspiration when it comes to arranging furniture. Many times a creative home office space can happen right behind a sofa that was against the wall. Section off a room visually and create two cozy spaces out of one. Many people place a knock-out sofa and adjacent chairs too far from each other, anyway. (Although we won’t knock all the space for activities.)

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Emphasis on Creative

If you’re a creative type, most chances are you have spent some time doing freelance work. A creative home office is becoming an essential asset to any busy home. It’s important to let others know that when you are in your office space, you are at work. This helps prevent interruptions. Additionally, leaving your desk should symbolize that work time is over and that will give you proper space to recharge for the next day.

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