Bust Statues On Trend For Art Lovers Of All Types

bust statues | black stone Greek inspired gallery wall | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Lacewing

If you’re an art history lover, you will love our latest trend in home decor.  Not just for art galleries, bust statues provide instant elegance to any room style.  Our favorite finds will suit formal and eclectic tastes alike. Add a stoic character to punch up an otherwise boring vignette.

bust statues | Beethoven Bohemian console styling brown | Girlfriend is Better
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Bust Statues Dignify That Comment

We have always loved the juxtaposition of modern and vintage.  Pairing large pieces of abstract art with bust statues and antique furniture is a sure-fire hit.  It keeps the space from looking too stuffy or overly pretentious. If you’ve got a bust you like, check out some of our favorite collage and pop artists for that perfect wall hanging.

bust statues | Greek inspired vintage classical art gallery wall | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Fuller View

Tell Me About Your Mother

Our love of portraits of random people is being taken to the next level.  Bust statues come in a variety of stone types and colors.  Take your time and find one that exudes the right kind of personality for your space.  They can represent an alter-ego or simply express the kind of feeling you want in your home.  These statues are as smart as they look and work perfectly in the Wisdom center of your home.

bust statues | wall gallery art history intellectual decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: This is Glamourous

Informal Gallery

Why so serious?  You can create an informal gallery by layering bust statues and artwork casually on the floor.  This is a wonderful alternative to the standard gallery wall and makes you look like a total art collector.  We like the same modern/ antique mix with contemporary furniture offsetting a rustic collection.

bust statues | floor gallery antique vintage art | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sabon Home Blog

Art Snob

As promised, you don’t have to go all renaissance to enjoy the trend.  We love playful takes on classic bust statues with the addition of color and graffiti.  You can even customize your own with a little spray paint and Davie Bowie-like inspiration.  Mix a colorful statue in with neon art or upcycled furniture for maximalism wow-factor.

bust statues | yellow painted Bohemian eclectic upcycled furniture | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: La Dolce Vita

Celebrate The Ideal

Can’t find a head that suits your fancy?  Maybe you’re a lights-off kind of girl and would prefer an idealized version of bust statues instead.  Restoration Hardware carries hand-cast Greek busts and torsos that are worth a splurge.  We like how the torsos keep things sexy without being overtly pornographic.

bust statues | torso sculpture console styling art | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Archdigest

Play With Body Parts

For the totally avant-garde, you can take all of the other body parts and put them on display.  Hands, legs, and feet are wonderfully playful alternatives to bust statues. They can add additional height and dimension to your excellently-style console table.  Mix up styles and add in a little Chinoiserie, why don’t you?

bust statues | Bohemian eclectic sculptures legs abstract art Chinoiserie | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Hunted Interior

Humanities Lover

Now you’ve got a fun new item to search for in your next antique store outing.  Generally overlooked, bust statues can freshen up your space and give it a little character.  (See what we did there?) You can spend a little money on a keepsake or let your artistic genius go wild on an item that won’t break the bank.