Cancer: Home Decor Goes With the Flow

Cancer astrology home decor | water element curved furniture mid-century modern | Girlfriend is Better
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Hey baby, what’s your sign? We’re enthralled with the hidden art of astrology and how the stars align with personalities. Just for fun, we’ve put together a reference guide for adding decor that is personal to each sun sign. Since this is the month of Cancer, we’ll focus on the details that make their homes heaven on earth. If this isn’t your sign, think of a special person in your life that might enjoy a gift with the right touch instead. Learning what makes this sun sign special can give you a little extra direction when needed.

Cancer astrology home decor | Round mirror, white mid-century modern chair | Girlfriend is Better
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Cancer: June 21 – July 22

Do you have a hard time reading your Cancer pal? Cancer is ruled by the moon, which governs emotions and intuitive behavior. They are literally affected by its magnetic influence, much like the tides of the sea. Home decor is often changed or rearranged as an extension of their current mood.  A great resource for channeling this energy is our beginner’s guide to Feng Shui.  Learn how to use the bagua to understand how chi flows through your home.  Chi is energy and can also make a profound impact on your subconscious (therefore working to shape intentions towards concrete action).

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There’s No Place Like Home

Sign of the crab, a tough exterior usually serves to protect a much softer interior. Often, what you may perceive as moodiness is just a short step away from heartfelt doses of sentimentality. Likewise, you will always find grand gestures of creativity and subtle touches of romance in a Cancer home environment. Natural homebodies, living spaces unwittingly reflect deeper (and less apparent) parts of their personalities.   Use guides to better understand personality to help you make fun choices with home decor accessories.  Crabs tend to be collectors, so use our “Simple Abundance method” when decorating.  First start with a bare shelf or mantle and learn to live with it for awhile.  Then, gradually place items that you really love or that speak to you and donate the rest.

Cancer astrology home decor | Shelf above radiator portrait art | Girlfriend is Better
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Water Sign

For this water sign, it would be a good idea to learn about the Feng Shui water element. Incorporate shapes with fluid lines and in colors on the cooler side of the spectrum. Silver is a big Cancer color and items like silver planters, grey fabrics, or black and white photos are always welcome.  Pair dark, contemporary items with warmer, more romantic touches.  Bentwood, or Thonet chairs add a romatic touch of French country in ten seconds flat.  Go to Chairish for a comprehensive collection of bentwood chairs for as low as $25!  Visit the Thonet website for a brief history on the bentwood chair to learn more.  The fact that steam is used to bend the wood makes this water element-approved item even better!

Cancer astrology home decor | Black upright piano black and white photography bentwood chair | Girlfriend is Better
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Soft textiles and velvet fabrics are also big wins for this sign. A Cancer tends to gravitate towards decor that is touch-oriented. Look for handwoven items, like Mexican blankets, which are durable and soften with each wash.  Urban Outfitters carries an amazing assortment of grey arm chairs with mid-century modern details.  We especially love the Barnett Arm Chair for it’s angular shape and tufted upholstery.  Break your payments down into 4 easy installments and instantly upgrade a little nook in your home.

Cancer astrology home decor | Grey mid-century modern inspired armchair yellow lamp gallery wall record collection | Girlfriend is Better
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Let’s Have a Party

Make your kitchen bright and cheery or cozy up a living room with area rugs and soft cushions. Anything that invites people to linger is welcome here! Keen on family and entertaining, a Cancer will always enjoy gathering spaces. They are naturally thrifty and tend to prefer antiques and upcycling to the latest catalog trends. Give our article on how to add Hygge as a lifestyle into your home.  Bring close friends and family into your home and keep the focus on conversation and making worthwhile connections.

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Closet Wallflower

In addition, when it comes to home decor, don’t be shy!  Keep the spotlight on art and artists. For example, one of our favorite Cancerians, Hunt Slonem, has artwork also available as fun wallpaper.  Wallpaper is appreciated in small doses and is the perfect way for a Cancer to express creativity.  Our guide to adding wallpaper in small spaces is a terrific way to add bold patterns that aren’t overwhelming.  Many companies offer semi-permanent wallpaper choices, which are easy to install.  The bonus being they are easy to uninstall when you want something new!

Cancer astrology home decor | floral wallpaper stairway entryway French country | Girlfriend is Better
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Don’t Bring Grandma to the Club

Naturally sentimental and a lover of all things vintage, this sign might need a reminder to reign it in. If you are a Cancer, keep the vintage leaning towards clean and modern. Granny style is cool, but in very small, thoughtful doses!  Mid-century modern furnishings, such as an Eames lounge chair or a makeshift dressing table will do nicely.  Finally, when you’re done nesting, be sure to make an effort to get back out in the world!  Exploring is the best recipe for inspiration and will help you keep things fresh.

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