Capricorn: Take Your Time + Do it Right

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Hey baby, what’s your sign? We’re enthralled with the hidden art of astrology and how the stars align with personalities. Just for fun, we’ve put together a reference guide for adding decor that is personal to each sun sign. Since this is the month of Capricorn, we’ll focus on the details that make their homes organized and creative. If this isn’t your sign, think of a special person in your life that might enjoy a gift with the right touch instead. Learning what makes this sun sign special can give you a little extra direction when needed.

Capricorn astrology home decor guide | succulents in earthy pots | Girlfriend is Better
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Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

The sign of the goat, their most likable trait is their steadiness. A Capricorn tends to prefer furnishings and decor that will outlast fads and trends. Family heirlooms and quality antiques are most appreciated by this non-nonsense sign.

Capricorn astrology home decor guide | antiques and heirlooms in cabinet | Girlfriend is Better
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Piece by Piece

They tend to use strategy instead of force, and are reserved, patient and prudent. Purchase items for a Capricorn thoughtfully and with taste. You will never see a room in their home mimicking page 6 from the catalog.

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Office Politics

This is the sign that governs reputation and career standing; especially within the community. The home office of a Capricorn should be stately and have a slight masculine touch. A heavy desk and an ink blotter will always set the right tone. We like Pier One’s Madeline Antique White Desk (currently on sale). Its Louis XIV styling is perfect and the quality is apparent in the drawer and leg details.

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Darker colors work well, as long as they are brightened up with lighter florals. Take a look at our article on floral curtains for some ideal inspiration. Any improvement to existing decor is appreciated by a Capricorn and All-American branding gives a nice country touch.  In fact, Ralph Lauren’s Hoxton Collection is currently on sale at 40% off which makes adding a quilt or a few throw pillows into the mix easy.  Bathrooms are also an easy way to add special details while staying on budget.  The right shower curtain and a few antiques do the trick nicely.

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Handcrafted Appeal

The art of the craft is never lost on this sign. Hardworking Capricorns also appreciate the investment of time and work in handmade items. From craft beers to country quilts, the devil is in the details. Our girlfriend Aynsley at Honymfin makes beautiful, meticulous quilts at her Etsy shop. A great heirloom in the making or baby shower gift! From our favorite Capricorn to yours 😉

Capricorn astrology home decor guide | handmade quilt | Girlfriend is Better
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Never Too Many Shoes

Also, think organization for this disciplined and acquisitive sign. Investing in the closet of a Capricorn is money well spent! Cedar-lined drawers and shelf dividers are just what the doctor ordered! Take a look at Bed Bath & Beyond for luxe fabric shelf dividers, wood clothing hangers in cherry, or cedar fresh stackable shoe racks. Even adding a basket or two can be an appreciated organizational touch.

Capricorn astrology home decor guide | Closet organization | Girlfriend is Better
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Happy New Year

Finally, the flower for January babies is the carnation, symbolizing admiration and gratitude. In a pinch, take up a large bouquet of carnations for your Capricorn birthday girl. Add a fabric ribbon or some special handmade gift and she will be the one to appreciate it most!

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  1. I’m a Capricorn and my most prized possession is a china set that I inherited from my great-grandmother. I use it on mornings when I need a little boost of love.

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