Pisces: Get the Right Energy Flowing in Each Room

Pisces astrology home decor | Macrame hanging plant water | Girlfriend is Better
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Hey baby, what’s your sign? We’re enthralled with the hidden art of astrology and how the stars align with personalities. Just for fun, we’ve put together a reference guide for adding decor that is personal to each sun sign. Since this is the month of Pisces, we’ll focus on the details that make their homes thoughtful and cozy. If this isn’t your sign, think of a special person in your life that might enjoy a gift with the right touch instead. Learning what makes this sun sign special can give you a little extra direction when needed.

Pisces astrology home decor | Ocean inspired bedroom | Girlfriend is Better
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Pisces: February 19 – March 20

If you have a Piscean friend, then you know how much they care about others. Sometimes too much! Pisces are known for their compassion and need their homes to be a place they can retreat to regroup. Take a look at last week’s article on Spring Hygge and learn how to incorporate this lifestyle of gathering together. Keep your entryway clean with this Black Metal and Wood Entryway Bench. We love the industrialized and multi-faceted design. Get free shipping by using our code: FREESHIP65

Pisces astrology home decor | Ocean photography entryway bench | Girlfriend is Better
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Other Fish in the Sea

This water sign is very romantic and impressionable. Natural fibers and colors of the sea are the perfect cozy details a Pisces enjoys. For the softest throw pillows around, read about Pampa cushions and learn about their artisan-made, 100% sheep’s wool treasures. Enjoy the comfort, style, and quality of this Boudoir Feather Pillow. One could easily spot the quality of materials and care put into this.

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Channeling Chi

They learn to trust their intuition and tend to seek more spiritual values in life. Stay away from matchy-matchy and create a different environment for each room of a Pisces home. Our articles on Feng Shui will teach you how to place items in each room so the energy is able to flow. They will love to escape to the area that speaks to them at that moment. Differently colored glass is effective at achieving this across the board. We personally recommend this  Green Vintage Glass Bottle. It adds personality to the room without overwhelming everything else.

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Cuddlers by nature, this water sign craves a highly tactile environment. Candles, bath items, and flowers add the perfect touches to a Pisces home. To de-stress and help anxiety melt away, learn about Epsom salt baths and how a simple soak can give your body vital minerals. These Apothecary Lemon Verbena Bath Salts are the perfect thing to relax and rejuvenate after a hard days work. This soft citrus-scented bath salt softens the skin and puts one at ease.

Pisces astrology home decor | Minimal bathtub Hygge | Girlfriend is Better
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Incorporate Water

Their symbol is the fish, so water fountains and houseplants also work great. Add a water fountain or fish pet to the Pisces abode and they will feel right at home! Teapots should also be handy; read about herbal tea and how to use ancient Chinese practices to restore health or chill out. These Driftwood And Blown Glass Bowls hit the spot for us. The delicate glass gives the impression of the soothing motions of the sea and puts one at ease.

Pisces astrology home decor | Colorful mugs | Girlfriend is Better
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Say Cheese

If you’re a camera bug, take note! Pisces rules the artistic endeavors of photography, so a camera or a large print is worth investing in. One of our most popular articles is a study in double-exposure design. Take a look at the beautiful, ethereal photos and invest in one yourself. Or learn the technique and create a masterpiece yourself! For example, we love Even Flow By Randy Hibberd. The minimalist abstract design truly leaves interpretation up to you, inviting deep thought and introspection.

Pisces astrology home decor | Photography art gallery wall | Girlfriend is Better
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Take 10

Take a look at some of our favorite Zen decor ideas from our meditation article for more inspiration. A Pisces should have a meditation space or private nook to daydream in their home. Carving out a small space is easy with our favorite nook ideas. Even a designated window sill works.

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