Spring Hygge Decor in 5 Cozy Steps

Spring Hygge decor | Scandinavian culture kitchen | Girlfriend is Better
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Did you fall in love with the warmth of Hygge last season?  Keep the coziness going with some of our favorite Spring Hygge decor tips. The Danish concept of comfort goes beyond hot cocoa and fuzzy blankets.   It’s actually more about camaraderie and teamwork.  When the weather is terrible, Danes have mastered the way to make the best of it.  Pulling family and friends together is at the heart of the Scandinavian tradition.

Spring Hygge decor | simple kitchen gatherings | Girlfriend is Better
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Spring Hygge is Simple

If you read our Hygge For the Holidays article, you learned that Scandinavian people are consistently rated as some of the happiest people on Earth. Adding a little Spring Hygge to your home is about using what you have thoughtfully. It’s important to care for your home, but keeping the decor simple and tasteful is most important. Danish people consider their homes a source of pride and pay attention to the details. Here are 5 easy ways to implement a little more happiness into your space.

Spring Hygge decor | Inexpensive minimal Danish | Girlfriend is Better
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1. Use Greenery for Big Bouquets

When you go hunting for flowers at the local Farmer’s Market, buy a bunch of fillers instead of bouquets.  Add some simple flowers or greenery to an earthy vessel for the perfect Spring Hygge vignette.  Greenery can be just as beautiful at a fraction of the cost.  Look for eucalyptus leaves, myrtle, spray flowers, and baby’s breath.  We love FTD’s article on 20 types of greenery to get you more acquainted with fillers.  Keep the display super minimal and enjoy the beauty of these underrated gems from nature.

Spring Hygge decor | Simple greenery minimalism | Girlfriend is Better
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2. Welcome Guests

As we mentioned earlier, Hygge is more of a mentality than a decor style.  Take advantage of cold weather outside to invite friends and family over for some Spring Hygge inside.  Have fun being a generous hostess and let your guests linger as long as possible.

Spring Hygge decor | Scrap fabric rug | Girlfriend is Better
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3. Cozy + Warm

If your guests are staying the night, or are over for a movie, make sure to bring out the blankets.  Spring Hygge carries the same need for warmth as it’s winter counterpart.  We love Urban Outfitter’s Amped Fleece Throw Blankets now on sale for $44.  Super plush and available in 7 Spring colors.  Keep a stash of fuzzy socks or slippers on hand and your company will feel right at home!  Take a look at last week’s herbal tea article and bless your friends with its health-giving benefits.  They’ll appreciate the preventative care and the consideration for their waistlines!  Cozy up on the sofa and have some real conversation for a change.

Spring Hygge decor | Cozy fleece blankets | Girlfriend is Better
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4. Promote Sharing

Make sure to keep your cabinets stocked with drinks and snacks so you can offer guests something when they walk in the door.   Let your friends and family enjoy a little Spring Hygge with you and make them a part of food prep.  Serve simple foods like cheeseboards or make easy desserts ahead of time, like our favorite chia seed pudding recipes.  You’ll be wondering why you don’t do this more often when you go to bed so happy!  Scandinavians also are known for spending money where it counts.  If a cheeseboard is going to be your thing, purchase a quality board that also presents beautifully.  We love Willams Sonoma’s Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board because of the attention they have given to details.  Each board is hand picked from the Brooklyn State Co. family quarry and is hand cut for a one-of-a-kind look.

Spring Hygge cheese board | Girlfriend is Better
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5. Create Gathering Spaces

Encourage creative thinking and artistic expression by making music and art the focal point in your home.  Give electronics a rest and redirect your attention towards hobbies and encourage group participation.  Spring Hygge should be about getting back to basics, so you can appreciate a little more harmony at home.  If this sounds good to you, take a look at our article on Minimalism.  We have found the joy of weeding out distractions and simplifying our lives as we also give more time to talents.

Spring Hygge decor | Family gathering spaces piano | Girlfriend is Better
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Enjoy Home Life

Tone things down and give yourself breaks as much as possible.  Learn how with our meditation article and create time for yourself to unwind or just daydream.  You’ll be amazed at how much more effective you’ll be as a result.  Break away from the television and give your time to the people who mean the most to you.  Good food and stimulating conversation are the essences of Spring Hygge and every home deserves an abundance of both!  Leave a comment and let us know what you’re doing to add a little Hygge to your environment.  We are loving this lifestyle!

3 thoughts on “Spring Hygge Decor in 5 Cozy Steps

  1. I love Hygge! Thanks for this nice article. I really like the way you are focusing on family and friends. Most people don’t realize Hygge is a mind set.

  2. Our friends from Norway totally fit the bill! Their teenagers actually visit with one another. No one is on cell phones! Amazing and inspiring. It can be done!

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